Comparison of Into Battle and Spring Offensive.

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Spring Offensive and Into Battle

In the comparison of Into Battle and Spring Offensive, it can be said that they are two opposing poems. Although both of their themes are about war, Spring Offensive is a bleak poem compared to Into Battle. One talks about the adversarial ways of the war whereas the other talks about the beautifulness of its.

Both poets use ‘nature’ as a main object in order to describe war. In the poem of Into Battle the poet uses nature as warmth, something colorful and lively e.g. “The naked earth is warm with spring” but on the contrary to this, the poet in the Spring Offensive talks about the dark, cold, and sad sight of it e.g. “Halted against the shade of a last hill”.

In addition to this, the structures of the poems reflect the poets’ moods. Spring Offensives broken rhythm resembles grief of a soldier and Into Battles half rhymes make the poem sound like a song. Into Battle seems to encourage people using both patriotism and propaganda of fighting together. Whereas, Spring Offensive is trying to protect the soldiers from war and make them realize how nonsense it is.

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The people (that seem to be) living in these poems have exactly opposite thoughts and mood. The soldiers that Spring Offensive talks about are worried, despondent and blank, while the ones in Into Battle are singing, as if they are going to a picnic, behaving like the enemies are the ants which are trying to steal their food. Both of them include death, but in Into Battle, death is emphasized as if it is an honor to die. The poet in the Into Battle talks about life in a pleasant manner. He sees life something colorful and worthwhile to live. On the contrary, ...

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