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Dear mama

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Dear mama How are you? Are Papa and my two little sisters doing well? I am missing you, are you missing me? I am sorry that I have not been able to write to you sooner. We are out on the western front, and no postmen have come for days. Don't worry I am fine. I have been thinking how proud you are of me. I'm feel I am doing something noble, and honorable, protecting our way of life from those beastly Germans. I am prepared to die for this, to save you and others alike. Everyone around me feels the same way that I do. I remember how my friend Johnny signed up, and said to me, "Come on Simon, it will be fun." ...read more.


Not like the men who didn't go. They had been given white feathers, a sign of cowardly behavior. Despite what everyone says, I feel I have been lied to. When I marched down the streets and saw people cheering and waving flags, when I read the poem about war being like a game, I thought it would be great, but it is far from that. Firstly I have never seen a dead person. Now the ones that I see, are not just dead, but mutilated. We have to go over the top of the trenches, and advance to gain territory, even under heavy fire. The general says go, and we have to go, regardless of weather we die or not. ...read more.


We are sitting ankle deep in mud, and everything is wet and cold. About a month ago there were gas attacks, like I have never seen before. "Put on your masks now!" the general shouted. We all scuttled and managed to get our masks on, before the gas choked us to death. Johnny wasn't so lucky. He dropped his mask and that was the end of him. I just stood and watched my poor friend die. I could do nothing. He was choking on the lethal green smoke. I was told to "Just leave him. You can't do nothing! Lets go!" To end my letter on a positive note to you, there is word spreading around the trenches that the war will be over by Christmas. So if all goes well I will see you again soon Yours sincerely Simon ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level War Poetry section.

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