Diary of war - Day 1 1916 December 1st.

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                                                Diary of war

Day 1 1916 December 1st 

Well here I go, my first diary. Im recruiting up for the army. Thought it would be a good idea to note my experience. Travelling around the world, drinking everyday and seeing beautiful women from around the world. Im off to the drill hall to sign up. I read some poem called who’s for the game and I aint being no coward! I feel so excited, serving my country and protecting it im a man now. Well not really a man im 17 tomorrow your suppose to be 18 but that’s alright Id say I had the physique of one. Well im off wish me luck!

        Yes im in. I leave in a couple of days to the borders of jerries home land. Who do they think they are. I mean really us brits might be a small island but we can pack a punch or two! all of my mates are going. John, terry, big glen and me going to have the best times of our lives. It probably won’t even last for a while but im going to treasure every day of it.

        My mums so proud of me if only my dad could see me now. Serving my country and showing that nobody messes with us brits. Anyway im going to dinner write soon

Day 7

    Dear diary I have just finished my basic training. They taught me how to use the rifle and certain command orders. The weight of my kit is horrendous! the boots don’t fit me but the officer said ill get used to it after a while. The helmet seems to be pressing down on my head like a brick they said ill get used to that as well and I can’t complain. The boat ride across the English channel did not agree with my stomach and I was sick over the side. When we got there it was such a rush to get off the boat we did not even have anytime to look around the village there. It aint turning out like I thought. Im sure it will get better…….. I hope.


Day 8

        Cor blimey! spent half the day in a gritty truck with another 11 men! John is with me he is loving all this commotion he just can’t wait until we get to the proper stuff. Duno really if im up for the proper stuff anymore all these weapons it sounds a bit well dangerous! I knew it was going to be dangerous but well suppose it wont be too bad with the conditions of this camp it can’t be getting any worse. Im so hungry. I had a meal, actually it wasn’t really a meal so much. Bit of meat and veg and some biscuits! What I would give to have one of my mums dinners………… I miss her.

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Day 13

        When I said it couldn’t get any worse we got introduced into our new homes today. I muddy, sloppy stretch of dirt they call it a trench. Defended by a thick case of barbed wire. A prison is more of the appearance of it. A vast stretch of land filled with an eerie feel to it. Glad I wont be out there! Something like no mans land they call it. As I toured this bleak river of mud I noticed a hole sort of dug out in the trench wall. Curious I ventured in and observed a ...

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