Did the play had the same ending for us that it had for Shakespeare?

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Did the play had the same ending for us that it had for Shakespeare?

William Shakespeare was borne in the Renaissance times during Queen Elizabeth reign. During this period the concept of equality between sexes was foreign for most people and the idea of a women being the equal of a man was totally unaccepted. In “The taming of the shrew” this topic is clearly reflected in the storming relationship between Kate and Petrucio. Kate intends to be dominant and strong, but this was considered unnatural by most of the renaissance society. Nowadays, this play is read in a different way. Even though the characters are the same, the times have changed and the way that we look at things has also. Kate’s struggling may seem totally natural to us and we may even get to understand her, even though her extreme methods. This play was written as a comedy, and as such, it should have a happy ending. When we get to the last words we imagine that Kate was being totally ironical in her monologue and we feel comfortable with that “happy ending”, but, did Shakespeare really meant that when he wrote the play?

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  From the first act Kate is presented to us as a “Shrew”. We get to know her by her vocabulary and mostly because of the way she treats the other people, specially her sister and her father. We also know about her from what the other character comment , and the first impression we get is that she is a “wild untamed animal”.  The medieval church had inculcated a view of women that was split between the ideal of the Virgin Mary, and her counterpart, Eve. Adam was created first, and Eve from his body; she was created specifically ...

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