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AS and A Level: William Golding

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  1. Peer reviewed

    To what extent can Lord of the Flies be considered a Marxist piece?

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    In the early 1950s many people were accused, often falsely, of being communists (the McCarthy era in the USA at this time is a good example of this.) It is within this context that Golding wrote Lord of the Flies. The battles between Ralph and Jack, the struggles between the Conch group and the Savages and above all the fight of good versus evil, originate in a degree of paranoia typical of the era in which the novel was written.

    • Word count: 2149
  2. Quotes from the Spire

    to Jocelin's unconscious and the emerging Spire comes to represent Jocelin's sexual frustration, in the form of a phallic symbol emerging from his unconscious "As for the whole building itself, the bible in stone, it sank from glorification to homiletics" p51 As jocelin begins to realise that the Spire is being built due to adultery his vision diminishes from glory to normality "She will keep him here"p64 This is emphasised as there is a break in the paragraph for this line and it is simplistic compared to previous lengthy and rambling lines.

    • Word count: 2881
  3. Lord of the Flies: The Darkness of Man's Heart

    These rules include: building shelters, collecting drinking water, keeping the rescue fire lit, and proper sanitation (Golding 80-81). Even though Ralph has possession of the conch and is the chosen leader, he relies on Piggy?s intellect. Piggy knows that their arrival on the island has something to do with the war (Fitzgerald and Kayser 82). He also knows the shell is a conch and its use. Due to their plane crash, he realizes that there are other survivors on the island. Therefore, he instructs Ralph to blow the conch in order to gather the others (Fitzgerald and Kayser 81).

    • Word count: 2677

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