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GNVQ Business Promotion Unit 7

Free essay example:

In this task I will be producing a plan for a promotional campaign for the Modern School of English’s summer children courses.

The Modern School of English is a language college that was established in 1991, that teaches English as a foreigner language. The Modern School of English is based in Libya, but is licensed to examine its students with the FCE Cambridge exam. The school started with only 4 class rooms, but in 1997 it changed location and had 12 more class rooms. In 2002 the Modern School of English also added a computer class that teaches basic computer skills as another course that customers could sign up for. Most courses at the Modern School of English lead to the Cambridge examinations in English.

The Schools opening hours are from 4pm to 8pm (first session 4pm to 6pm, second session is from 6pm to 8pm, each course has one lesson either on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday or Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday), there are several lessons taken place in this time, because the school has a number of levels (one to sixteen, then students can take the FCE Cambridge examination and others), depending on the strength of the student, level one is for students who have just started learning English, and level 16 is for students who are ready to take the Cambridge FCE examination, each course takes 2 months to complete, then all students in that course will be examined to see if they are ready to go to the next level.

The main purpose of the business is to teach English to students as a foreign language.

The product that I have chosen to promote is a summer course for children (aged between 6 to 12) that runs from 8am to 12pm. The children have day after day sessions, the same as the afternoon courses, but the course timings are from 8am to 10am or 10am to 12pm, with a lunch break in-between each lesson. These courses also teach English as a foreign language but to children so they can learn English at a young age easily. This service also provides a computer course for children that parents can choose to pay for, and a swimming pool which is free for the children who are learning English at the school.

This summer service is being re-launched,  and I will be producing a promotion plan for it.

Promotion objectives:

  • Increase the number of summer students: increasing the number of students in the Modern School of English would obviously mean more income, which means the amount of profit will increase. This meets the need of The Modern School of English because the business would make more profit.
  • Reduce the advertisement cost by adding vouchers to the leaflets, this means that the leaflet is needed by the customer to get the freebee or the reduction, and needed by the business to know how many people the leaflet effected, and know who is entitled to the free service or reduction in price. This would meet the need of The Modern School of English because the money spent on leaflets would not all go to waste, but benefit the business by increasing the number of customers.
  • Show what the schools strength points are and what they have to offer, by doing this promotion campaign it also gives the school a good name, and parents that are looking to learn English themselves would be more likely to sign up for the adults courses. The school would also be making a lot of returning customers, because by satisfying a lot of customers that were attracted to the business by the promotion campaign would return next summer for there children to carry on in there courses. This meets the need of the business because it shows what the school is capable of and its good service, and would also bring the attention to adults to job the afternoon courses to


Free swimming pool  (above): this is one of the things that attract the customers to the business, they teach children and give them a lot of fun activities for the summer. By making the child satisfied, they would want to go to the school next summer as well, and parents who want there children to learn English would bring them back next summer, this makes a returning customer. Also the school would be recommended to other people for there great value and quality, and word of mouth is one of the most powerful advertisement ways.


Schools reception office (left customer, behind desk the owner of the school and a secretary), this is were the students parents come to register there students.


Current leaflet, front the logo of the school and colors to attract the attention of children, back has information on the price, duration, what the school have to offer…etc

image04.jpgBanner in the school entrance, with the name and logo of the school.

I am going to recommend some promotion ideas for the summer courses, which are being re-launched this summer (2006), my recommendations are:

Discount or an extra free service for people who bring there leaflet in: (leaflets would be produced at a photocopying shop, and would need money to pay the business that will copy them, as well as a design which would be produced by the modern school of English, and the photocopying business would use paper and inc and photocopying machinery.)

  • Free transport: every summer there are students that pay Modern School of English for transport, the Modern School of English hires bus drivers to pick students up from there homes and takes them to the school, and then takes them back home. I think it would be a good attractions to customers if the business offered free transport, because none of the competing businesses offer this. Bus drivers working for the Modern School of English get paid 30 Dinnars (Libyan currency) per student that travels to and from the school on the bus for 2 months, there are 4 bus drivers every year that carry 15 students per session. The Modern School of English charge customers 95 Dinnars for the 2 month course, so the school can take 30 Dinnars of that and pay it to the bus drivers, which would off course decrease the amount of profit the school makes, but if it attracts a good amount of customers to the business, it would make up the loss. The main material needed for this is money, the buses are supplied by the drivers, so all the modern school of English have to provide is the money to pay the drivers.





Would boost a lot more customers because a lot of people work in the morning and can not pick there children up, so this would be more convenient because they do not have to pay an extra fee to have there children transported.

Would decrease the amount of profit, if the number of customers does not increase then they would just be making a loss compared to other years were children courses did not come free with this service.

This would go on for the whole duration of the course in the summer.

This would cost The Modern School of English 30 Dinnars per student.


  •  Free computer course: computer courses cost the same as the bus transport by the Modern School of English, so I think giving people a choice of either free bus transport or free a free computer course would increase the number of sales even more, because some parents do not need there children to be driven home because the parents could do it them selves, so giving parents a choice would increase the number of sales even more, and would cost the business just as much as if they have given them free bus transport. The materials needed for this are, money to pay the teacher and electricity bills for the computers for the computers, which of course is also money.





Would increase the sales, because the free transport may not attract some parents who can drive there children to the school and back themselves, so this way they would attract a wider variety of people with different lifestyles.

Same as bus transports disadvantage. Also may be taking up the space of a paying student

Computer courses last for 2 months

This would cost the business 30 Dinnars per student


  • Discount: a discount of 15% would attract many customers because it would beat the price of competing businesses price, so doing this would attract many customers because they can save more money than if they taken them to a different school. This does not need any material but money, this is because they do not need to pay any body for a discount, it just means the customer pays less.





A lot more customers would choose The Modern School of English over competing businesses because they can save more money

Would decrease the amount of profit compared to previous years.

2 weeks before the courses start, which is how long the leaflets will be available

14.25 Dinnars per student




**using these fliers with the special deals will make The Modern School of English decrease there profits per student, but increasing there students may increase there overall profit, making the business make more!

Other promotion activities:

  • Street banners: street banners is a very common source of advertisement, but is yet still affective, a lot of people waiting in traffic jams or at traffic lights read these advertisements, I think it would benefit the Modern School of English a great deal if they added a few of these around busy areas and were children would be with there parents (i.e. parks), this would attract a lot of people would come ask for information, and would boost the number of customers. This would be money paid for the area, and also money to pay a business to produce the banner it self.





Would make a lot more people aware of what if being offered by the Modern School of English

Could be ignored, may cost a lot.

Before and during the summer courses.

60 Dinners for 3 months.


  • Posters: the Modern School of English never put up posters about the children courses in public places, I think this would increase the number of customers that came to the business for the summer courses because it would allow more people to know what the business have to offer, and would make the business much more noticeable, eye catching posters are a very powerful advertisement tool, and if they were put up before the courses started, I would predict a lot more customers would come asking for information about the courses and the number of children signed up would increase. The materials for this would be A3 paper and ink, and money to pay the photocopying company for them to produce it, The Modern School of English will also need to design the poster them selves before the business can produce it.





Would increase the number of students, and would make the businesses name more familiar to people.

Could be ignored.

Before and during the summer courses.

0.10 dinners per poster


The leaflet promotion idea could be evaluated by calculating how much the increase in customers was by looking at the income of the business, and the business could calculate the increase in profit by looking at there cash flow, and calculate where they break even.

As for the banner and posters, they can only find out how they effected the number of customers by producing surveys asking the students parents how they found out about The Modern School of English’s children courses, or the school could calculate the number of customers that did not have a leaflet that gave them a discount.

Using the leaflets as a discount voucher is appropriate for The Modern School of English because they are services that are usually offered by the business, but giving them for free, this is ideal for the business because they are not adding any extras to the business, but just paying for the transport and computer courses them selves. The same also applies to the 15% discount, this also does not need the business to make any changes, it just satisfies customers that do not wish to have there child transported or taught a computer course.

Having the leaflet vouchers to promote these courses is ideal for the customer because they save money, and it is easier for them if they choose the free transport because if they have a job and cannot pick there children up, then they can sign them up for the bus service that the school provides, for free. The computer courses also make it worthwhile for the customer because they can get 2 different courses, English and basic ICT, taught to the children for just the price of the English course. The discount makes it suitable for parents who do not wish to have there child transported for free because the parent can pick them up easily enough, and if there child does not need a computer course because he or she already know what they need to know about computers, then the parent can just take the discount making them still save money.

The posters and banners are appropriate for The Modern School of English because they advertise the children courses as well as the name of the school, which may also make adults inquire about the afternoon courses. It is also ideal for the customer because if they are looking for a business that is teaching English, they would easily find it by looking at the poster or banner.

There are no legal or ethical constraints effecting this promotion campaign.

This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Language: Context, Genre & Frameworks section.

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