Opinion on To Kill a Mockingbird and Ghosts of Mississippi

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Opinion on To Kill a Mockingbird and Ghosts of Mississippi

I enjoyed To Kill a Mockingbird more than Ghosts of Mississippi. I liked To Kill a Mockingbird more because its characters were better described and grew throughout the story. Jem’s personality and growth, Scout’s character and change in the novel, and the lack of character description in Ghosts of Mississippi led me to this conclusion.

First, in To Kill a Mockingbird, I became close to the characters, especially Jem. I liked seeing not only physically, but in his personality and attitude as well. He was taught to have respect for his elders, even if he didn’t like them. He learned this lesson after he was done reading to an elderly drug addict, Mrs. Dubose. Atticus taught him a Confucius-like lesson on why he should respect her even though she had been mean to him. His respect for Atticus grew after he witnessed him shoot the rabid dog, Tim Johnson, between the eyes. He saw that his dad actually was admirable and he took Atticus’s lesson more seriously after that event. He especially took Atticus’s mockingbird lesson to heart. He wouldn’t kill a bug that he found in the house because it didn’t hurt anything. He is the more introverted and cognitive thinker of the two young Finches. I grew to like Jem because of these things and he became my favorite character. Getting to know characters’ personalities like this really added to my experience of reading To Kill a Mockingbird.

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        Another reason why I enjoyed To Kill a Mockingbird is because of Scout’s attitudes and personal growth throughout the novel. She had a childish innocence at the beginning of the book. An example of her innocence can be found when she tried to defend young Walter Cunningham at school and she got in trouble. She was even able to stop a lynch mob at the jail with her innocence. There, she casually spoke to Mr. Cunningham about how Walter was a good boy and about their family entailments. This event showed that Scout still had a lot to learn. In ...

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