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persuasive essay

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PERSUASIVE ESSAY "Obesity is a problem that society needs to address by any means that are available". Argue the case for this point of view. Obesity is a social problem. A social problem can be a personal problem and it does not have to touch the lives of everybody in that society. The incidence of obesity is worrying everyone. The British Public recognise the role that parents must play in improving the diets and health of their children. Obesity is a very big problem in the country and it is enormously costly for all. It is a dangerous epidemic spreading death and disabilities. The society is trying its best to address the issue of obesity. There are many resources being developed to address this epidemic. Different organisations are being formed to try to tackle the problem. One way of addressing it is an organisation called the Obesity Society , it is a leading scientific society, which is dedicated to the study of obesity, its vision is to understand, prevent and treat obesity and to improve lives of those affected. ...read more.


Another important thing is that, parents don't check is snack check. People eat snacks more than they realise. Snacks can be high in sugar, fat calories, and salt. So limiting snack and treats is a great way of keeping a lid to kids and try to have food and drinks with low sugar. The department of culture, media, and sport education and skill now called the Children School and Families introduced The Weight Watcher in 2004. They agreed a joint public service agreement to halt obesity by 2010. This includes weighing 4-5 years old and 10-11 year old, which are measures to improve nutrition's in schools. The so called healthy schools programmes which promote healthy eating, emotional healthy and well being as well as sport, traffic light food labelling, making routes to schools to promote walking and cycling, revamping play grounds and restrictions on junk food adverts. All this is being addressed by the society as a means to tackle obesity. Parents are always responsible for children's obesity. Children are not yet mature enough to make difficult decisions to stop eating unhealthy food, they follow their taste, it is the parent's job to look after children and teach them the benefits of healthy diet. ...read more.


Parents should do some thing more active with their children. They should also learn to prepare meals at home and encouraging your children to eat healthy. Parents should weigh and measure weight and height to check for obesity (BMI) regularly and compare it with health chart to keep control of the extra flesh that your child is carrying. Proper diet management should be followed. Parents of overweight children will be urged to seek help, with the letter advising them to contact a GP, school nurse or practice nurse, none of them will be informed of the results. Although the measuring scheme will be in force nationwide. Children are not given the results for their weight to prevent them being bullied. A study find out that children with overweight parents are four times more likely to be overweight themselves. Over weight children cannot do anything without support of their parents. If parents cannot take action against their own weight problems, then none can be expected to influence their children. Most parents lack the will power to do something about their children's obesity. The society is trying its best to address this issue but parents are to blame because they don't support and encourage their children. ...read more.

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