"Some critics suggest that Williams takes no sides in the conflict between Blanche & Stanley." Do you agree?

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Melissa Graham                                                English Literature

“Some critics suggest that Williams takes no sides in the conflict between Blanche & Stanley.” Do you agree?

I feel that this statement is partially untrue; at certain points through the play William’s

chooses a side to tell the story from rather than a favourite character. Blanche’s initial character

was to represent that of William’s and Stanley’s, the bad aspects of life that abuse the weak.

Although saying this about Stanley he does show some true good qualities and genuine emotions

within the play and at the same time Blanche shows the whit and knowledge to rise above Stanley.

Throughout ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ Williams can switch from one character to another in who

he is favouring, and who has the power in the scene can change almost instantly with either force

from Stanley or a quick witted line from Blanche. He portrays faults in both Stanley and Blanche

and we see from the very beginning of the play that they have many differences, starting from their

backgrounds and upbringing. The only thing that ties them together and the one reason they are

introduced is Stella, Stanley’s wife and Blanche’s sister. The awkward first meeting shows the

power struggle immediately from the first scene, although both characters are civil towards each

other, even though it may be difficult for Stanley.

“[Drawing involuntarily back from his stare]: You must be Stanley. I’m Blanche.” Blanche is the

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visitor and yet is the one to start the conversation. She has introduced herself to Stanley in his own

house. The audience would expect him to be a bit more welcoming and instead he is quite hostile

towards her, Stanley has no respect from women and sees them as either sex objects or someone

to clean up after him his lack of respect is also shown when he begins making conversation with

her whilst removing his clothes, has also has absolutely no respect for what others think or if they

would be uncomfortable with a ...

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