Who was to blame for Ophelia’s demise?

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Who was to blame for Ophelia’s demise?

I am going to consider whom I blame for Ophelia’s death. I am going to look at points from Hamlet’s view and the way he behaved towards her, I am also going to look at points from her brother and fathers view and whether they were to blame due to the advice they gave her.

A lot of people would say Hamlet was to blame for Ophelia’s demise because the way he spoke to and treated Ophelia. The way he rejected her and the things he spoke of around her such as chastity, beauty, immortality and how she should join a nunnery ‘Ha Ha are you honest,’ Hamlet is being sarcastic, making fun of Ophelia he’s trying to provoke her ‘Ay truly for the power of beauty will sooner transform honesty from what it is a bawd.’, Hamlet is suggesting to Ophelia that beauty can turn to chastity and then to prostitution.

The whole time Hamlet spoke to Ophelia he was being very cruel. At this point Ophelia doesn’t know what to do, as Hamlet is being cruel and plain nasty the way he tells her she should join a nunnery. All of Hamlet’s actions towards Ophelia are cruel and hurtful.

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But then Hamlet changes and while they are watching the play of the reconstruction of Hamlet’s fathers’ death, Hamlet begins to become quite disgusting and crude towards Ophelia ‘Do you think I meant country matters.’ Hamlet is referring to sex, which was not discussed then.

Polonius, Ophelia’s father could also be to blame for Ophelias demise, because of the advice he gave her. He told her that she should remember Hamlets choice of wife was very important because he was royalty. He also gave her some advice as of what to do about Hamlet; he suggested she should ...

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