Compare and contrast urban land use models from 1920-1970's. what

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Compare and contrast urban land use models from 1920-1970's. what are the advantages and limitations of urban land use models.

The structure of a city is a combination of form and function. As any settlement develops, functional zones start to appear, i.e. An urban land use model is a diagram which has been developed to describe patterns of form and function of cities.. There are 3 main urban models that have been developed by Burgess, Hoyt and Mann to explain the layout of cities.

Burgess's developed the concentric zone model in 1924. He believed that the CBD is located in the middle. This is where the social, commercial and cultural focus. This zone contains department stores, specialist and high order goods, cinemas, hotels etc. there are very few places to live in this zone, and mainly only offices and multi national chain stores because this area has very high land values, so only big companies can afford to pay the rent.

The zone in transition (or the inner city) surrounds the CBD. This area contains car parks or vacant and derelict buildings.

The low class residential zone surrounds the transition zone. This area contains some of the older often terraced housing areas of the city. Originally, the area housed families who moved out of poor quality housing in the transition zone, but who still need to live close to their working place because of high travel costs.

Medium class residential is an area of middle class housing, which contains semi detached or detached houses.

High class residential zone contains mainly detached houses with large gardens and green open space, which only the rich can afford to live in and commute to work everyday.
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Burgess based this model on ecologist's ideas such as the process of invasion and succession, by which the city grows competition. He assumed that a city grows because of migration. Migrants invade the city are forced to live in the worst housing and do the worst jobs (which is in the zone of transition)as this is all that they can afford. However when they make enough money they move outwards seeking better homes in quieter areas and better jobs. Over a number of years the city would expand as people would filter out into the next zone. In ...

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