"Exeter is dealing well with its traffic needs" Discuss.

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The hypothesis for this piece of coursework is “Exeter is dealing well with its traffic needs”

         As shown in the maps on the previous page Exeter is a city in the south-west of England, with areas like Dartmoor which is a national park nearby, Exeter  is also surrounded by towns and villages like Topsham, Exmouth, Starcross and Lympstone. At the moment Exeter’s population is around 111,000 but is always growing. Exeter has many transport links, including two main train stations and a few more local ones, a successful bus service, many roads in and surrounding Exeter and an international airport.

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        Exeter’s main train stations are Central station which is a few minute walk to the city centre and St David’s station which is a 15-20 minutes walk or a few minute bus journey. Exeter has more local train station such as St Thomas train station, but these unlike the two main train stations which have trains which travel all around the country only have trains which travel to closer towns or cities. Exeter’s main bus service which is Stagecoach, has many routes which enables you to travel around and just past the outskirts of Exeter, Stagecoach also have a Main ...

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A good introduction to the study area which clearly discusses the transport provision in the Exeter area. To improve, the introduction could have been extended to discuss specifically the types of data that will be collected and how this data will be presented. 4 stars