Why there is a need for world development?

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The Definition for development is “an act of improving by expanding or enlarging or reefing.” There are different countries at different stages of development.

This could be because of many reasons such as resource distribution and consumption, soil quality, climate, natural disasters or even just poverty.

The most famous pattern in development is the north-south divide. This basically separates the rich developed world from the poor developing world as it splits the globe into two main parts.

The “North,” is regarded as being North America, Europe, Russia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. These countries within this area are generally more economically developed.

The “South,” being the remainder of the hemisphere.

The 3 main classifications

The world can be classified into three main areas: the first world, the second world and the third world.

These 3 terms did not arise simultaneously. After the world war 2, people began to speak of the “NATO” and “Warsaw Pact” countries as the 2 major blocs, and often described them as the “Western Bloc” and the “Eastern Bloc”.

Soon it became clear that there were many countries that dint fit into either of these categories and so they began to be called first world, second world and third world countries.

Countries such as the U.S.A, Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand fall into the category of first world countries.

Countries mostly in the Soviet Union, such as Russia, Estonia, Turkmenistan etc, fall into the category of second world countries.

Countries such as Somalia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, iraq, Zimbabwe etc, are classified as third world countries.

These classifications are made under the basis of:

Economic growth, increased use of resources, modernization, technology, political freedom, population growth, life expectancy, health, education, urbanization, income distribution and energy consumption.

Another classification is measured through wealth:

More economically developed countries (MEDC’s)

Less economically developed countries (LEDC’s)

Continents such as South America, Africa and Asia are less economically developed countries.

Continents such as North America and Europe are more economically developed countries.

Why are some countries LEDC’s While others are MEDC’s?

There are many reasons for why some countries are MEDC’s and others are LEDC’s.

A developing country is a country with low income average, a relatively undeveloped infrastructure and a poor human development indebt when compared to the globe.

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Some countries are les economically developed while others are more economically developed because of wars, natural disasters, no family planning, crime and debts.

These have major effects on a country as war could lead to destruction of countries.

E.g. 70% of the people in Iraq have no jobs, 61 Journalists have been killed, there have been 4162 military and police casualties, an estimated 40,300 to 81,700 Iraqi civilians have been killed, 47% of Iraqis never have electricity, reconstruction has been estimated to $53.5 billion and there has been 280 Non-Iraqis Kidnapped, including 45 killed, 141 released, 3 escaped, 3 rescued and ...

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