Btech National Diployma life stages Merit 3

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Life stages

Merit 3

Use examples to compare two major theories of ageing:

Use examples from your placement or family surroundings to compare two major theories of ageing

The disengagement theory suggests that older people will withdraw their social contact with others due to reduced physical health and a loss of social opportunities whereas the activity theory argues that older people need to stay mentally and socially active to limit the risks associated with disengagement.

‘This mutual withdrawal or disengagement is a natural, acceptable, and universal process that accompanies growing old. It is applicable to elders in all cultures, although there might be variations. According to this theory, disengagement benefits both the older population and the social system.’

Cumming and Henry 1961

Zimbardo (1992) states the following:

‘The disengagement view of a social ageing has been largely discredited for a number of reasons’ he argued this as he believed that majority of elder people stay in social contact both with family and friends.

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I feel that the activity theory is better as I feel people that disengage themselves are missing out and I feel they tend to be less happy in the last years of their life. I also feel it depends on both the mental state and the physical state of the person. I am now going to give an example of both theories and explain them.

My maternal grandmother is 62 years of age and she would fit into the activity theory. She is physically and mentally healthy. She lives on her own as her and my granddad divorced ...

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