Btech National Diployma life stages Pass 4

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Life stages

Pass 4

Describe two aging theories of ageing. Use examples from your own oberservation.

As we age our body and mind goes through many changes we may contract ill health both physically and mentally.

For this assignment I am going to discuss two theories of aging. During our life we engage with other people and engage in different activities. One of these theories suggested by two people called Cumming and Henry in 1961 was called the ‘disengagement’ theory. This theory suggests that when people get older they naturally tend to withdraw from social involvement, they will also reduce their physical activity and this among other reasons will amount in loss of social opportunities and become increasingly ‘individual’. 1974 another theorists called Bromley also agreed with Cummings hypothesis. I am now going to discuss the reasons why Cummings came up with this theory:

Travel and technology

As we age we may lose access to cars, mobile phones and more recent technologies such as the internet. This can limit the opportunities for social contact.

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Ill health of friends and relatives

If relatives and friends have disabilities or poor health and mobility they may have reduced social contact.


When we age we will retire from our working status, in doing so we will lose contact with work colleges, etc.

Geographical mobility

In this day and age due to the vast amount of travel families and friends don’t always tend to live in a close proximity together and as we get older we may find it harder to travel to visit friends and family, therefore interaction may become more difficult.

Ill health

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