Cache Unit 1 An Introduction To Working With Children - Relevant legislation and the Child Centred approach.

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Unit 1

An Introduction to working with Children

E1/E2. In the early years of a child’s life, they tend to learn and grow at different levels. In order to assure child is treated equal, teachers, child-minders, key workers, and teacher assistants must establish the child’s preferred learning styles. In order to validate all children are supplied with an education from the age of 5 - 16 public schools are free to all families. The statutory sector which is funded by the Government includes public schools, police stations, hospitals, and social workers. The statutory sector, guarantees that all public citizens are provided with free healthcare, education, and safety. Penair Comprehensive is open to the public, and supplies a ''caring learning environment where everyone is valued for who they are and what they may become.'' Penair also claims to make sure all parents and students are informed with as much information as possible ( The Voluntary sector is a collection of social activity which is embarked by non-profitable organizations. Their offers include, encouraging help, religion, caring and helping children, and education, most workers volunteer, some are paid. The National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) which are a charity that campaign and work in child protection. The NSPCC aim ''help children that are abused by providing child line and the NSPCC helpline''. The Private Sector is part of the national iceman, which isn't controlled by the Government. This sector includes Private Schools, solicitors, and nurseries, people pay to use this service. Bostcastle Playgroup is a private business which benefits parents that cannot look after their child during the day. The playgroup will teach, and care for the child, but the parents will have to pay for the child education and care (

E3. There are many children’s acts supporting the rights of children in the United Kingdom. All children need us to be aware of their rights and needs, especially the youngest and with additional needs. This happens because they are unable to defend or speak out for themselves. The Children Act 1989 is the main legislation in the UK, which is accompanied by ''Every Child Matters' which has 5 outcomes. It is the responsibility of all people working with children to make sure

Be Healthy - (physically, mentally, sexually, illegal drugs)

Stay Safe - (neglect, injury, bullying, crime, safe homes)

Enjoy and Achieve - (ready for school, enjoy school, achieve)

Make a Positive Contribution - (Relationships, Behaviour)

Achieve Economic Wellbeing - (Employment, sustainable communities)

Every Child Matters ensures that all outcomes are improved for all children and people from birth to 19 years it is a new approach of the well-being to protect them. The need to increase the safety happened from Lord Lemming, after the horrific incident of Victoria Climbié who was abused and eventually killed by her aunt and a man who lived with them. This report increased people working with children’s awareness to do something. In 2003 the Government came up with the 'Green Paper' which is built on existing plans to strengthen preventative services by focusing on

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Increasing the focus on supporting families and carers.

Ensuring necessary intervention takes place before children reach crisis point and protecting children from falling through the net.

Addressing the underlying problems identified in the report to the death of Victoria Climbié - weak accountability and poor integration.

Ensuring that the people working with children are valued, rewarded and trained.

E4. The principles and values that establish when working with children include keeping confidentiality, and to share information correctly when needed. It is essential that the worker should not discuss any child to anyone other than colleagues and the child’s ...

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