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Describe ways of reflecting on and challenging discriminatory issues in health and social care.

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Unit 2: Assignment 2.6 P6: Describe ways of reflecting on and challenging discriminatory issues in health and social care. Some influences on our beliefs and values include: * Culture * Past events * Socialisation * Environmental influences * Health and well-being Culture and Beliefs As we seen before that a person's culture has the potential to clash with that of someone else. As a health or social care worker you must take care to make certain that your personal culture and your beliefs do not interfere with the caring service you provide to others. Past events The things that have happened to you, your friends and your family will all have a strong influence on the person you have develop into. These events have more than likely influenced some of your health behaviours. For example, if you were afraid of the dentist as a young child, you may be unwilling to make regular appointments for your six-monthly check-ups. This in turn could influence your future decisions about your own children's dental care and so the next generation is affected by something that happened in the past. ...read more.


That is: * You should be capable of carrying out the required work to a high standard * You should not need to take significant amounts of time off work (think about your responsibilities to service users and team members) * You should have a positive attitudes towards health and well-being Developing greater self-awareness and tolerance of differences It is very helpful to know yourself, and how you react to certain situation, if you are working in health and social. Having insight into your own beliefs and behaviours and where they come from is a useful starting point for changing negative attitudes. Committing to the care value base A good starting point for bringing about changes in your own attitudes and behaviours towards other people is to revisit the care value base. Think hard about what is asking you to do. If you cannot commit to the values outlined, you should not be considering a career in the caring service. Careful use of language Careful use of language is part of good communication which, in turn, is an underpinning value of the care value base. ...read more.


Case study Claire page 97 Past events are things that have happened to you or to your family or your friends and will influence on the person you have developed into. So this has happened to Claire because she was involved in a road traffic accident when she was 17. Now at the age of 28 she still won't learn to drive and prefers to use public transport this is because she doesn't like what happened to her boyfriend and scared to drive a car. So Claire wouldn't find driving safe even if someone she knows drives with her, she wouldn't feel safe and so she prefers public transport because she feels safe and doesn't have to worry about any accidents she would have. It will affect her in the future because she might want to go out with her friends and they might want to drive then she might get left out and might get upset because she can't go. She might influence her development she had to her family and friends and they might not drive as well. Case study Selina pg 99 Careful ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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