Different types of Communication

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AO1 (A) Different types of Communication

Communication is about exchanging of information between people, e.g. by means of speaking, writing, or using a common system of signs or behaviour. Communication is important because we use it in our daily lives to talk to people either orally or written. If there is a lack of communication then it will be hard for people to listen or to get the information they need. In care settings, different types of communication are needed to help with their patients or clients. Communication is important in health and social because it helps build a relationship between a client and a carer.

There are four different types of communication, which are used in different care settings. The two different care settings that I will be concentrating on this assignment are nursery and a G.P surgery.

There are four different types of communication:

Oral communication

Written communication

Computerised communication

Special needs

Oral communication

Oral communication is something that is said from your mouth rather than writing it. Oral communication is important in care settings because it helps clients or carer to communicate with each other when they are talking. The purpose of oral communication is much of the “emotional meaning” we take from other people is found in the person’s facial expressions and tone of voice.oral communication is used when G.P is consulting a patient, a carer telling a child off about their behaviour in a nursery and when a client is talking to a carer about her problems.

Written communication

Written communication is something that we can record data in a storage device or on a data. Written communication is important in care settings because written communication is used mostly to write recordings of accidents in a nursery, keeping records, appointments cards and prescription. Written is used because if people are deaf then they will write things down in a paper. The purpose of writing information would be that we do not forget things and we can remember if we wrote something down on a paper.

Computerised communication

Computerised communication is the act of putting stored data or analysed into a computer. Computerised is used in various care settings to help protect the data and keep the information confidential. Computerised data used as recording personal information of a child in a nursery, booking appointments in a G.P surgery or sending mails.

Special methods

Special methods are different types of methods, which are used in different care settings to support client and little nursery kids who needs special care or help. Special methods might also make the client or child feels equal and will make them feel important. Some of the special methods, which are used, are sign language, translator, intrepeter Braille and makaton.

Nursery Home

In nursery, the carer who looks after children they mostly use oral communication such as speaking to parents, welcoming children and talking about isssues.speaking to a child’s parents is important because their parents need to know about their progress of their child and talk about any issues that the caretaker is concerned about. The carer’s have to talk to children very slowly and use small words when they are giving child some information or instructions because the children are little and they do not understand big words, so if they do not take the information in correctly then they will be bother listening to the carer. It is very important that the children trust their care because if the child needs emotional support when they are ill, then they would have to tell the carer their problems and they have to rely on the carer.

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 Written communication is also important in a nursery because the children have to use this communication when reading books but not hard words, recording of learning and achievement records about the children. Children in nursery have to read books because they have to learn new words but the child will not read the book if the words are too big or if the book is not that colourfull, so the nursery has to choose books carefully. Reading books might affect children in different ways such as learning different words, understanding the stories so they know what is actually going ...

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