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e-Health with Knowledge Management: the Areas of Tomorrow

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e-Health with Knowledge Management: the Areas of Tomorrow The importance of e-health has grown tremendously these days combined with the concept of knowledge management will serve to enhance the efficiency of e-health initiatives. The term e-health characterizes not only a technical development but also a way of thinking, commitment for networked, global thinking to improve healthcare locally and worldwide by using information system and communication technology. The challenges of the e-health include three categories; B2B, B2C, & C2C. KM can be a tremendous factor in developing the infrastructure and outcome of e-health. The other e's represent the e-health are efficiency, enhancing quality, evidence based, empowerment, education, extending, ethics, & equity. ...read more.


Three important issues must be carefully considered in the field of e-health: 1- e-Procurement: addresses organizations adaptation to the internet-based tools to manage medical supplies. It includes the usage of standardized and universal numbering system, and the move toward an online business platform for the data interchange. 2- e-Connectivity: Many of the functions associated with claims submission sand payment are repetitive tasks that are more efficiently done by computers. The most expensive are the tasks surrounding the claims process, such as eligibility checks and referrals. 3- e-Benefits: One of the primary drivers of the e-benefits is the possibility of self-service tools through which employees can customized their own insurance plans and have ready access to them. ...read more.


- Around the clock service - Seamless integration of products and services - The ability to heavily personalize computer-mediated relationships Incorporating KM in e-Health: it can only reveal the full value of e-health. - The KM can help make the web a more useful tool for patient education. - The KM will provide the way to achieve good quality of health care. KM enhances reliability, accessibility and completeness of information. - KM can improve the way in which the data is shown to customer online and thus increase customer satisfaction. - KW will help communication be more effective, so it would help making e-health better and the faster. ?? ?? ?? ?? Hala Abdelsayed HCA625 ...read more.

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