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One To One Interaction – 29/09/2007

For the one to one interaction we were set in the scene of a post operation clinic and I was a student shadowing a member of senior staff. With this position I was able to ask questions to the client. For this situation I was dealing with a client in the category of sick adult. This is due to her needing to go into hospital for surgery to improve her well being.


For this interaction I will be interviewing a client that had recently had a hospital experience. I will ask questions using open and closed questions to gain information hopefully this will enable me to extend my knowledge.

I will set up the room appropriately to create an environment that suits the type of interaction I will be undertaking. I would like the room to be set up in a way that will make the client feel relaxed due to the fact I would like them to feel comfortable and to have the ability to open up and speak without hesitation. I have chosen a small room to undertake my interaction because a smaller space will not be as daunting as a large space. An empty room would be most appropriate because it can lower the chance of distraction in the interaction. In the room I will make sure that there are no tables to create a barrier between us and hopefully create a connection. Another barrier that I will try avoid is the disturbance of other people entering the room. Barriers can block understanding and can change the meaning of a message that is being put across. I will insure the chairs in the room are at the same height so the client does not feel empowered if the student’s chair is at a higher level. Empowerment enables the client to make choices and take control of their own situation. I would like to have comfortable chairs, this should make the client to concentrate on the interaction then get distracted by the chairs they are sitting on by moving around or moving around in the chair. These can all be signs of agitation or a nervous reaction.

Diagram represents the room set-up

To present myself I will use certain body language to create a message to the Panel and to my client to show that they are supported and that what they are saying is being heard and acknowledged. Also the listening skill will insure that I know what is being heard by the other members of the Panel, so I can analyse and use what they are saying in a way that can win our case. The skill I will use is active listening which involves more than hearing, it also involves using the communication cycle and being able to demonstrate what I have understood when I am listening to the client and other members of the Panel. The communication cycle will have to be used multiple times to each member of the Panel, to show I am listening to all the members. This will be more challenging especially when more than one person tries to talk at the same time. I will have to try and undergo the communication cycle multiple times at once.

The Communication Cycle

 Due to this particular client being older to myself I will modify my language to have respect that they deserve. It is possible that this client has hearing problems due to age but I will insure that I will modify my language that will suit the client. I will have to make sure that I will not be discriminating them because of their age and modify my language in a non-obvious way. I will have to make the modification as discreet as possible. This is vital when maintaining the client’s dignity and to show that I am respecting them.

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In the interaction I will hope to have an open stance to look confident but lean forward to indicate that I am interested and being supportive. Throughout the interaction I will insure that I am making eye contact the whole time even if the client is not. This will make sure that they know I am concentrating on them the whole time and not getting distracted. This can be another sign of respecting a client because it shows that I have full focus on them and not thinking about anything else. If a situation comes I might use touch ...

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