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Learning Styles

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Introduction There are many theorists who have tried to find the most effective learning styles. To find an effective learning style, many variables participate in the reception of learning. These variables can be the opportunity for learning, support available for learning, time management, the environment for a student, their personal learning style, motivation, and a student's emotions. Two theorists who have taken some of these variables into consideration to create an effective learning style are David Kolb and Howard Gardner. David Kolb created Kolb's learning cycle in 1984 and Howard Gardner created Gardner's multiple intelligences theory in 1983. Influences for Learning Opportunities for learning can be affected by social class and the environment of a pupil. A pupil can affect their opportunity of learning in by domino effect. Not being able to get a good quality primary education can affect being able to carry on with a secondary or further education. Social class also is a huge variable to opportunities for learning. Upper class pupils may have "strings" they can use to further high quality education. People in the lower class of society may not have an advantage and will not be able to get a high quality education. Money follows in the social class as a variable because great valued opportunities for learning may come with a price. Support for learning is tutors, availability to books, computers, and other resources. ...read more.


Comparison Kolb learning cycle was created in 1984. This learning style was created to reflect to learn for new situations. Gardner's multiple intelligence theories was created in 1983 to be able to teach every person by using their own learning style. Kolb's learning cycle showed that by having experience, you can learn something from that experience by reflecting and evaluating the experience. Gardner's multiple intelligence theories were that people have different intelligences from one another and to teach a person with their own intelligence will help them learn. Kolb's learning cycle shows that every person learns the same way but by having a practical experience that needs to be evaluated. Gardner's accepts that there are many different types of learning styles because there are different types of intelligence that doesn't relate to everyone. Kolb's learning style consists of having an experience, reflect on the experience, and conclude learning from the experience, then planning or trying out what you have learned. This cycle is formally known as a concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation. Gardner's theory consists of finding out what intelligence you have, and to be taught in the way that interests you. The different learning styles are visual (good with art and design), linguistic (good with words), logical (good with numbers and maths), bodily (Good at action, movement and sports), musical (good with music, tone and rhythm), interpersonal (good at communicating with others), intrapersonal (good at self-reflection), and naturalistic (good at appreciating the world and nature). ...read more.


Gardner's theories allows for an individual to have different intelligences and multiple ones. This is a good learning style for me because I like to learn in different ways. For different things being taught, there are different ways I would like to learn such as history, visual learning would fit my learning style best. Learning how to address a patient at a hospital, practical learning would fit my learning style best. Gardner's theories allow for anything to be taught in different ways to fit the needs of anyone. Kolb's cycle only allows for the cycle to be followed in order but it is not necessary to follow the same order of the cycle for learning to be effective. I do reflect to learn because it helps me know what I like and what I dislike. I can understand why I did or did not like what happened and change it. I do not use Kolb's learning cycle because I do not follow the cycle in order. This capability and fixation or reflecting could also be intrapersonal intelligence. Gardner's multiple intelligence theories that most relates to my learning style is linguistic verbal intelligence because I can easily remember written and spoken information. I enjoy debating and thinking of supporting points that would argue my case and I often tell stories with humor. This learning style fits my strengths and characteristics best. Being taught by written or spoken information would help me learn because that is the learning style that interests me the most because I would find it easier to learn. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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