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Produce and monitor an action plan for self development and the achievement of own personal goals.

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P3: Produce and monitor an action plan for self development and the achievement of own personal goals. In this assignment I am going to identify my goals that I must achieve by the end of the year or probably later. Also I will be creating an 'Action Plan' for self development and the achievement of my personal goals. I will be explaining them and then explain what actions I must take in order to achieve them. My Personal Goals: My personal goal is to achieve a Merit/Distinction grade in health and social care, or at least a pass grade if I am capable. The actual grade that I must achieve in order to continue to go onto university is a Merit or Distinction. The reason why I need to achieve these grades are because I want to become a Early Years Practioner who looks after young children and to do this I need at least 200 UCAS points to achieve which is equivalent to a Merit/Distinction grade. In order to achieve my goal it is important that I have the following qualifications which are English at a grade C in GCSE and a merit or distinction in my BTEC HSC. I am also currently doing an ICT level BTEC course which I want to achieve a Merit grade in. ...read more.


Hopefully get into university and do my course September * Identify every important about my course * Ensure that I know how to get to the university that I have chosen Sep 21st 2011 If I ever to get into university it will provide me with good skills, knowledge and experience which will help me for later. Once I have achieved good grades I will do a degree in early years. Once I have finished my early years course I will finally become a registered early years Practioner. Pass my theory test June 2011 * Revise more by using my theory books. * Book theory Sep 2011 By revising on my theory I have learned many things that I haven't learnt before. Hopefully I will be booking my theory test. And when I do pass my theory test I will obviously continue with my driving and then learn more new things. By then I should have been able to pass my theory test. Pass my driving test 2012 * Continue taking more lessons * Book driving test when I feel I am ready * Over come my fear when driving 2012 Well by continuing taking more driving lesson this will help me over come my fear while on the road driving. Carrying on taking more lessons until I feel confident in booking my theory. ...read more.


Go to invention classes In I.C.T my teacher allows me to stay after school to finish any work if I have any. In that time when I finish my I.C.T work I can do some HSC work as HSC has many units which I must complete. Attending more intervention will help me improve my grade and will make me achieve my potential and more intervention classes will give me more help and support from my teachers this will then help me with my grade. And will make me achieve the best possible grade. Use my free lessons I have a couple of free lessons which I can use to do any work, I am very behind on my health and social care work and these free lessons now also changed to private lessons which my teachers have taken so that I can finish any outstanding work that I owe them. When I finish my work I feel very stressed relief as I do not worry any more about my work especially because I am way behind on my work that's why I am very stressed out. Short term goals( up to 6 month ahead) Long term goal (18 months or more ahead) Gaining my pass/merit in health and social care Pursue onto university Gaining my merit in ICT Get the best possible grades at university Improve team work skills Get a job Go to open days for universities Passing driving test ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 | Page Sabina Bibi 6LB ...read more.

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