Evaluate Gettysburg and Vicksburg

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Evaluate Gettysburg and Vicksburg

Both the battles Gettysburg, in 1863, and Vicksburg, also in 1863, have a huge impact on the war. Both battles have similarities and differences but they were both victories for the north.

At Vicksburg in 1863 there was a clear northern objective, the aim was to take the town of Vicksburg, despite not seeming to be of much importance, this was the 'nail-head' that held the two half's of the confederate land together, also if Vicksburg was captured the confederates wouldn't be able to use the Mississippi river for trade or the movement of troops. However there is one issue that is overlooked here, Davis, the confederate leader knew that Vicksburg was important but only in a symbolic way, there was now little trade travelling up and down the Mississippi, nevertheless the loss of Vicksburg would still be a huge blow to the southern morale.

Where as at Gettysburg there wasn't as much of a clear laid out plan, the south had realised that the only way they could get Lincoln to accept a southern peace settlement was to win victories on northern soil, hence why Lees troops were sent into Tennessee instead of sent to reinforce Vicksburg. The aim was simple, to win a victory on northern soil, however this would prove more difficult than first thought, when Lee left to go north he was being pursued by the union general Hooker who had little idea of where he was going. Hooker was soon replaced by General Meade, and it was by sheer luck that rebel soldiers looking for shoes stumbled on union troops at Gettysburg, which resulted in this being the ground on which the greatest battle ever fort on American soil, would be set.
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Despite the battles being fort for different reasons, in different areas, one thing was clear the results of the two battles would be turning points in the American civil war.

Obviously the two battles would be fort in different ways, largely due to the fact that at Vicksburg the Union were on the offensive, but also by the way it was fort. Grant knew that if he attacked Vicksburg head on he would be outnumbered Vicksburg had 30,000 solders garrisoned inside under the command of Pemberton and a further 25,000 located near Jackson under the command of ...

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