Explain the reasons for the rise of Fascism in Italy between 1919 and 1922

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Jan 2009

Explain the reasons for the rise of Fascism in Italy between 1919 and 1922 (8)

Fascism appealed to the Italian public for various reasons. Many Italians regarded the existing system under the Liberal government as weak and corrupt and Fascism promised a strong government. During the war the divisions between neutralists and interventionists were so severe that they couldn’t work together against a common enemy. Elections were ‘managed’, especially in the South. All governments were short-lived coalitions, because proportional representation and universal male suffrage meant that it was next to impossible to get a majority.

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In 1921 the Fascists were included in the Giolitti’s list of election candidates which gave them more respectability. Fascist ideology was vague, promising something for everyone; it seemed to offer an end to class divisions. Some liked its anti-socialism and others liked its revolutionary syndicalism. Young people especially were attracted by the emphasis on change.  

The Fascists also had the support of influential people and groups, such as the King. The King was disillusioned with parliamentary leadership and feared a left-wing coup. Mussolini’s participation in government would have provided welcome strength against the left wing threat. In addition, the ...

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