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Futuristic Story.

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Futuristic Story. As I wake up from my simulation box on the stroke of half seven, I am ready for a new day. My name is Liam, and I was lucky enough to live in the past life, and the intergalactic life. This basically means that I was around during the year 2049, where the biggest physical change of the world took place. It is where man found out that a few planets were getting closer to earth, and man explored them and found not human life Yesterday I was in the intergalactic cross-country trials; I came in second place for my age group, which as you can imagine is a great achievement. Although today I am still very tired, although I shouldn't as my sleep was programmed for uninterrupted slumber, I still feel half asleep. I have a busy day today as I have to get my hair laser cut at Cyber: Cutz with my little Brobot, Callum. ...read more.


As I leave my house with Callum I can see that Venus still hasn't set to the west, this is the first sign that shows that summer is coming at last. Over the last thirty odd years or so, a few planets have gradually been pulled closer to earth, this has happened due to the powerful gravitational pull, created by the Intergalactic atmosphere which has grown stronger and stronger as the earth has increased in weight. As we get on to the bus, I get a message on my telephonic headset from my girlfriend, Lyn. She asks me if I want to go out for a drink tonight, I send her one back saying I would be glad to. In the message I add in an image of a love heart. This will get me in her good books, hopefully. Now just a simple matter of getting to the hairdressers for a laser cut, then to the robot repair shop for Callum's new hood, then to get back home. ...read more.


He picked us up and we were home in only five minutes as he is a police man and has a siren on his super hover car, lucky or what. As my dad was home that meant that I didn't have to baby-sit. This was good as it meant I had time to have a proper dinner before I went out with Lyn instead of another boring meal pill. Getting ready is quite annoying as the cyber shower was broken, so I had to get washed the old fashioned way and have a good old body wash with a flannel and soap. I get to Lyn's at just past seven and we make our way down town. We decide to go to the new joint in town, it is called king Harry the thirteenth. We both had a really good night and I dropped her home for eleven like her mum asked me. And then I drive home. Well I guess its time for bed, where is my deep slumber disk then? Robert Reynolds Mr Bathurst 8369 15215 ...read more.

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