Henry VII had successfully established the monarchical authority by 1509. How credible is this opinion?

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‘Henry VII had successfully established the monarchical authority by 1509.’

Assess the validity of this view?

From the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, to the kings death in 1509: Henry VII had managed to placate rebellions, suffocate imposters, build a new parliament, and form relationships with foreign and religious figureheads. Throughout 24 years of turbulence, the king had successfully managed to leave a healthy, and legitimate male heir to the throne of England, securing the future Tudor dynasty. However, there were key figures in Henry’s government, who put fear into the king’s subjects, and ceased opportunities to increase their power and wealth, posing a great threat to the young Prince Henry, and his subsequent reign from the 23rd April 1509, just two days after his father’s death.
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To build a successful dynasty, the Earl of Richmond had to overcome numerous obstacles, after defeating Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth, on the 22nd August 1485. Realising he had only his living mother and ally, Margaret Beaufort as the only direct blood-line from Edwards III, to truly secure his claim to the throne. The newly crowned king would have to invent ingenious ways to placate the continuous Yorkist’s threats. King Henry’s first important task, was to change the date of the Battle of Bosworth, from the 22nd to the 21st August. Just by moving the date ...

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