How far was President Roosevelt able to solve the Economic problems of the USA by 1941?

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How far was President Roosevelt able to solve the Economic problems of the USA by 1941?

President Roosevelt developed the New Deal in 1933 and its aims were relief and recovery of the victims of the depression and trying to get the recovery going with reform and regulation.  Historians still debate whether for not this was successful and if Roosevelt really did help the economy.

        There were many business and bank reforms, which consisted of ‘Fireside chats’ and they were there to restore the confidence of the American population. The ‘Fireside chats’ were over the radio and made him seem friendly and caring towards the public, this would have restored the public’s confidence in him; as well as showing them that he was doing something about the depression. Reform of the banks meant that they were not closed immediately they were are to stay open and start to stabilise themselves. The larger the banks in the big cities would lend money to the small banks in the rural areas so they could stay open, Roosevelt did this to help the Economy because it meant more people were able have loans and keep smaller businesses going.  On August 23rd 1935 President Roosevelt signed a bill which centralised banking system which allowed the banks to lend under collateral which were now considered as able security.

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        A slight drop occurred in the unemployment sector, this was due to Roosevelt introducing the CCC and WPA. The CCC was the Civilian Conservation Corps. It was a public relief program for that employed the unemployed, unmarried men from relief families between the ages of 17 and 28. It provided unskilled manual labour jobs related to the conservation and development of natural resources in rural lands. The WPA was the Works Progress Administration renamed in 1939 as the Work Projects Administration.  This was the largest work program introduced by Roosevelt where in employed unskilled workers to carry out public work ...

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