Isaiah of Jerusalem

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Isaiah of Jerusalem

Isaiah of Jerusalem was the most significant prophet during the reigns of the Southern Kings Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah. The major themes that appear in Isaiah’s prophecy consist of the holiness of Yahweh, the faithfulness of Yahweh, the justice of Yahweh, and that God’s justice extends to all nations.  Isaiah preached strongly against injustice. Even though all of the prophets criticized the lack of justice within Judah and Israel, Isaiah was the first to announce that Yahweh’s justice extends to all nations and that the covenant applies to all people. His prophetic work stretched far beyond his advice to the kings of Judah.

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Isaiah 6 is the account of Isaiah's calling. In this passage Isaiah hears God's angels utter, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts.”(Isaiah 6:3) Isaiah also has a vision of Yahweh seated on a high and lofty throne. In his vision, Isaiah saw Seraphim, Yahweh’s heavenly servants, stationed around him. When Isaiah hears his call, his world is changing. King Uzziah, a king that brought stability and prosperity, died, and the political situation was now unclear. The people of Judah had strayed from God. Times were getting bad and they were only going to get worse. At this point, God ...

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