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A dating agency situated at: 105 Bond street London WC1 - Creating an IT system.

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Identify Problem-The Scenario: A dating agency situated at: 105 Bond street London WC1. The Love Connection dating agency functions to bring two individuals with common interests, values and aspirations together to form a relationship. A client phones or writes or emails or faxes to obtain a questionnaire form, this form is sent to the client. The form is completed by the client and sent back to the agency. Once the form is received, the information is taken from the form and placed in various card files, which are arranged in sections of: Personal details, features, occupation, hobbies and interests. Currently the company are experiencing the following problems: 1. The company is very short staffed and it takes them a long time to match clients up. 2. The love Connection Administrators go through all the different files one by one this process is very long and painstaking. 3. The clients mistakenly sometimes get the wrong match because the facts get mixed up, I.e.: wrong hobbies, wrong features and interests. 4. The clients mistakenly get matched up with the same gender. 5. Staffs are over worked and are forced to do overtime, this in effect imposes extra costs on the Company. ...read more.


To put it on there profiles on the computer directly. CD Writer HP CD writer 9150i4x8x32 EIDE Internal I will use the CD writer as a backup in case I loose or misplace my original CD. Flatbed scanner Umax astra 2100u colour scanner I will use the scanner to scan pictures of the clients. The following has been identified as the software: SOFTWARE Why Am I Going To Use It? Microsoft Access I am going to use Access instead of excel because its easier for me because it already has everything set up for you. It has a wizard so that you can follow it step-by-step Microsoft word I am going to use Microsoft word to write my questionnaire and the rest of my project. Data Collection The following methods would be used to collect information from the Love Connection Dating Agency: 1. Interview: It would be appropriate to interview the receptionists and administrators to find out how information flows within the system, Hence series of interviews were conducted on a face to face basis with the staffs. The following below is a sample of questions asked: * How does a client apply to your agency? ...read more.


NUMBER 11 NUMBERS HAIR-COLOUR TEXT 6 BLACK, RED, BLONDE & BROWN EYE-COLOUR TEXT 6 BROWN GREEN BLUE GREY GENDER TEXT 6 MALE/FEMALE RACE TEXT 17 WHITE, BLACK OR ASIAN BUILD TEXT 7 SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE HEIGHT NUMBER 5 NUMBER STAR-SIGN TEXT 20 THE STAR SIGNS OCCUPATION TEXT 25 OCCUPATION HOBBIES TEXT 15 DANCE/SING WEIGHT NUMBER 05 NUMBER ENQUIRY TABLE: FIELD FIELD TYPE FIELD SIZE DESCRIPTION MEMBERSHIP NUMBER AUTO 10 AUTO NUMBER LOOKING FOR.. TEXT 20 NAME AGE TO.. NUMBER 2 NUMBER ENQUIRY DATE TIME /DATE 8 _ _ /_ _ /_ _ AGE FROM NUMBER 2 NUMBER MATCH TABLE: FIELD FIELD TYPE FIELD SIZE DESCRIPTION MEMBERSHIP NO AUTO 10 AUTO NUMBER MATCH DATE TIME/DATE 8 _ _/_ _/_ _ MEMBER MATCHED TO TEXT 20 NAME OUTCOME TEXT 20 GOOD/BAD Test Plans Tests should be run To insure that: The clients are not mistakenly matched up with the wrong people. Test to meet client request: Step Action description Action Test result Expected result Pass/fail 1. Enter clients enquiry Clients enquiry entered and saved 2. Run query based on clients enquiry/request. Report is produced with match details 3. Cross-Check details of report, against clients request Report matches Accurately, to clients request. Information Systems GCSE Coursework Database Project Jennifer Orlukaraka Candidate number: 8097 Centre number: 10838 Project-Database ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Management & Manipulation of Information section.

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