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Customer experience

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Customer Experience Customer experience is really important in order for the website to keep their customers. If the customers are satisfied with the website, then usually they will return to purchase more items and so the website will keep getting business. If the customer is really satisfied with the website, then they may get more business for the website by telling a friend. In order for the customer to be satisfied with the quality of service that the website delivers, the website has to have an easy to follow purchasing options, the after care has to be of high standard and the contact details have to easy to find as well. The purchasing of products is easy to follow on WWE Euroshop. As the customer searches for items, on every page there is a basket which informs the customer of how much they are currently spending - this is good for the customer to know as then they can see if they can afford to purchase more items. ...read more.


The payment is either carried out by card which is notified when ordering either by phone, online or even postage. A cheque can e accepted as well. The option of how the products are purchased has two varieties as well, either get all products in one go or when they become available (and WWE Euroshop does not charge extra either way- which is convenient for the customer). Even after the final payment has been paid, WWE Euroshop sends catalogues to their customer with the latest items, promotions, offers and sales. If a customer has a query or wants to contact WWE Euroshop, the contact details are very easy to find. A tab is presented to get access to the contact details, and this appears consistently on every page in an easy place to find. The contact details tab is next to the logo at the top of the page, so it is one of the first things you see. ...read more.


The conditions of purchase will always be displayed when actually purchasing the actual item, you can put in a promotion code to get a discount, or just pay the original price. Or when browsing, the price may have already been reduced. The Terms and Conditions page has all the information about purchasing and delivering. Anchors are used to link each individual term and condition to its corresponding answer, so the customer can find their desired answer immediately. If the customers answer is not found, WWE Euroshop has a telephone number on the same page for the customer to get in contact. A return slip is attached to the incoming invoice, if the customer would like to return the goods. Another invoice is then sent off, with the new costs of the items. In order for the customer to return the goods, the customer posts the parcel of item(s) along with the return slip enclosed, the company then acknowledges this and then they post the new invoice. ...read more.

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