Identify the information systems used in a specified organisation

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Identify the information systems used in a specified organisation

P5 - Types of information systems

Marketing systems – Marketing systems are for the sales performance; they will be used by the marketing function to find things like trends in sales.

Financial systems – Financial systems is about cost and investments; this will be used by the financial department to create financial records like balance sheets.

Human resources (HR) systems – HR systems is involved with the staff and professional development; this will be used with the Human Resources department.

Management information systems (MIS) – Management information systems is the decision support of the business and will be used by management.  The features of MIS include an input of queries and a response is then determined and is used to ask the same questions continually. The key elements are, data, people, hardware, software and telecommunications. The data in MIS must be stored in a logical way and is stored different to the input. It also needs to be summarised in order to create useful information and must be accurate. The people must be able to obtain the data and extract the information; it’s also important for the people to realise the importance of the data to the business. Hardware must run on the server and have internet and intranet access. Software must have a simple system and must be the most used specialist software. In addition, it should be arranged to match data and information needed. Lastly, telecommunication must have a firewall when delivering data through the internet to prevent unauthorised access.

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P5 - Identify the information systems used in a specified organisation

Types of information systems

Transaction Processing system - transaction processing system are operated directly by the workers at Tesco. This then provides key data which is required to support the management operations. For example, Tesco will use this at their checkouts to track how many items they have and inform other members of staff when items need to be restocked; it will also be used at their checkouts for payments and funds transfers when customers buy something.

Management Information systems (MIS) – MIS are used by the ...

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