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In order to prevent or minimize damage to a particular organisation, some security precautions need to be implemented and below I am going to name and explain how each of them work:- 

Stealing Intellectual Property

Stealing intellectual property is basically when someone steals images from your website or other information and uses it on their own site without your permission.

This is known as breaking the copyright law and works with logos as well and new ideas for new products as well.


This can for example include; patents and trademarks as well as domain names. If a person is caught they can be given a significant amount of fine and eventually a prison sentence as well.

 The fine is £5000 for access and unlimited fine for modifying data.

Denial Of Service Attack

Denial of service attacks is basically when a particular person restricts access to a web page or network.

It basically stops legitimate information to get through to the server and stop legitimate service to respond.

This will make customers go to other websites and the company that has been attacked by this lose crucial customers and a significant amount of money as their website is not responding.

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This is done by a particular person sending lots of blank server request which overloads the server/system and it stops getting a request.


Halting E-commerce Transactions

 If for instance a particular person hacks into a website they can basically stop transactions so that the organisations lose customers and money.

They can also play around with the website and remove products that are on for sale by a particular organisation or even re-price them to ridiculously high price or even lower price.

This can cause a lot of problems for both organisation and customers.

If the security ...

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