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Task A Internet and Intranet use

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Task A - Internet and Intranet use The objectives of Sidney stringer academy Sidney stringer has 2 main aims: 1) Provide the highest quality training and development opportunities for all staff To offer an excellent education to students so they can come out with the best possible grades and build on their current skills and abilities. They will achieve these aims by: * Encourage all students to have high aspirations * Have high expectations of all students * Develop, plan and maintain learning programmes which will reflect the needs and interests of all students. * Promote, support and celebrate the achievements of all students within the academy community. * Secure the best resources for learning * Develop local partnerships of learning for people of all ages. . * Develop and maintain a network of supportive organizations in the world of enterprise and work. 2) Everyone in the academy is to show respect, compassion and determination to perform well. Both staff and students are responsible for themselves and others also. This aim has been created taking into account: * The welfare of others is the first concern of all * The education of every child and adult is held to be of equal value in the academy. * All students and adults are expected to behave in a responsible manner both to themselves and others, showing consideration, courtesy and respect for other people at all times. The Internet is a series of multiple computer networks linking smaller computer networks worldwide. ...read more.


This does not help the students to work to their potential also if teachers allow this to be accepted then they are not meeting the objectives of Sidney stringers academy as it shows that the learning programme or curriculum is not very good. If students are on the internet for long time then it may make them lazy and addicted and it would not be beneficial for the school and if the students have high aspirations then it would be hard achieving them. This doesn't help meet the objectives as it shows that the welfare of the students is not being looked after. Improvements that could be made to the internet: The internet can be improved by having better internet security so if the students accidently go on a harmful website the virus would not affect the computer as the anti-virus software would destroy it. If the virus did affect the computer then they could lose all their work affecting their grades in school. If anti-virus software was installed on the computers then it would help meet the objectives of securing the best resources. Another improvement that could be made is to make the internet speed faster for the school so web pages would load up quicker and it would be easier to perform the work. Remove social networking websites and gaming sites while students are in school so they don't get distracted when doing work on the computer. This will help meet the objectives because it helps them maintain learning programmes and helps support their aspirations. ...read more.


This would affect the objectives of Sidney stringer because if students get the wrong information they would not complete their work properly and therefore the education of students will be at risk. It is harder to access the intranet because it contains more security like the sidney stringer portal page requires a login so only the members of the school with a username and password can use the portal so if someone outside the school tried to go on to the school portal they would not be able to such as parents of the students they would need the pupils login to enter the portal. Improvements that could be made to the intranet: The intranet can be improved by teachers adding extra work and notes onto the portal for students to do so they can develop their learning and get good grades. The portal should be made more interactive so students find it more intriguing. They could add revision games and educational activities on the portal for students to use and also they may find it fun and entertaining way to learn. The portal is quite hard to use and sometimes students can't find what they are looking for so a search bar can be added to find whatever they need e.g. if a student is looking for a PowerPoint presentation then they could search what they are looking, for, click on the link and it will appear. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nahidul Islam Page 1 of 6 ...read more.

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