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Thomas Lock 10Z Maths GCSE Data Handling Coursework Summer 2005

"Do males perform better than females at the driving school?"


I am a business consultant brought in to have a look at the performance of a driving school. I have been given the raw data which shows, in no particular order, how different students have got on in their driving tests.


This experiment has the aim of proving the hypotheses (that I shall develop) by handling data and managing it effectively to instigate realistic results. The hypotheses will be based upon test results from a driving school. I am intending to explore the success of males and females in a driving school. I shall do this by testing the number of one hour lessons and the number of errors in a random sample of 30 males and 30 females. I aim to use this data to test several hypothesises.


The data which I will be using in this investigation has been gathered from an unknown driving school. I am acting as a business consultant brought in to have a look at the performance of said driving school. The raw data which I have been given is in list form and provides me with the performance of 239 students, of both sexes and includes:

* The number of one hour lessons before successful test.

* The total number of minor errors in test(s) taken.
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* The name of the instructor (4 different teachers).

* The day of the test.

* The time of the day of the test.

The data is in no particular order and reflects a large range and variety of results and performances. I have taken a random stratified sample to give me 30 males and 30 females which I will use to test my hypothesises throughout my investigation. Here is an example of the data:


Gender of Student

Number of One-Hour Lessons before Successful Test

Total Number of Minor ...

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