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An examination of the presentation of two magazine advertisements - Rolex Oyster and the 'Jewels of Aphrodite' ring

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An examination of the presentation of two magazine advertisements. There are two magazine advertisements advertising two separate products both jewellery in nature. A stainless steel Rolex watch named the 'Rolex - Oyster - GMT Mater II'. An expensive sophisticatedly designed watch for people of the wealthy businesspersons category. The other a 'Jewels of Aphrodite' silver 'exclusive Triple ring'; suitable for a gift to a lover or a self-indulged treat, this is aimed at the average workingpersons category as it says 'Need send no money now', and 'For only �75.00', both money saving phrases. Both have a key selling point. The advertisement for the 'Rolex - Oyster - GMT Mater II' key selling point is the fact that the Rolex is boldly shown in a large picture at the bottom of the page. This catches the attention of the reader and quickly conveys the subject and nature of the advertisement. This also intrigues readers to read the article, which means that they will find out more about the product and get a better understanding of the piece, therefore increasing the chance of a sale. The advertisement for the 'Jewels of Aphrodite' silver 'Triple ring' has a similar key selling point. The ring is boldly situated at the top centre of the entire page. This is the first image that the reader will acknowledge and will catch the attention of the reader and quickly convey the subject and nature of the advertisement to them. Also the title of the advertisement - 'Jewels of Aphrodite', gives an instant sense of wealth and adventure to the advertisement enticing the reader to read the rest of the article therefore increasing the chance of a sale. ...read more.


One immediate difference that is clearly visible is the background colour. The advertisement for the 'Rolex - Oyster - GMT Mater II' has a simple plain white colour background contrasting with the black font. This gives the advertisement a contemporary, sophisticated feel to it. Although it posses this quality, the colour does not have an enticing effect to the reader to draw them in to view the advertisement. This strongly affects the effectiveness of the advertisement to the reader. The 'Jewels of Aphrodite' silver 'Triple ring' however, has very enticing qualities. The background colour is a deep, rich alluring purple with complementing white, symmetrical, silhouettes of religious statues. To contrast, this already has a visual advantage over the 'Rolex - Oyster - GMT Mater II' advertisement, as it will lure more readers to it as the colours are more eye catching and attractive. It gives the advertisement a sense of mysticality, exploration, and wealth. This will make more of an impression on the readers mind and will make then remember the product, or desire the product to a higher degree. The text colour of the 'Rolex - Oyster - GMT Mater II' advertisement contrasts with the background colour making the text stand out to the reader giving it a contemporary sense. The text font is not very bold making it unpalatable to read. The colour scheme in the picture of 'Sir Norman Foster', top central to the page, is related to the advertisement. In the picture, 'Sir Norman Foster' is surrounded by completely white background and surroundings. ...read more.


This layout reflects that target audience to be average workingpersons. All that phrases presented boldly in the advertisement are all to do with low finance and superficial wealth. After a careful examination of the presentation of these two magazine advertisements I have come to the conclusion that the 'Rolex - Oyster - GMT Mater II' advertisement is the more successful advertisement. My reason for this is that the aim of this advertisement is to give the 'Rolex - Oyster - GMT Mater II' an image of sophistication, and contemporary design. It does not try to persuade the reader that they are getting a good "bargain" for their money but to make the object more desirable. The 'Rolex - Oyster - GMT Mater II' advertisement is simple and easy to digest, whereas the 'Jewels of Aphrodite' silver 'Triple ring' advertisement has a lot of information and does not convey it well. The 'Rolex - Oyster - GMT Mater II' advertisement uses almost all factual language and does not need to use imagery to sell the product. This has a greater positive effect on the reader as they feel that they are being sold genuine quality, as apposed to inferior, superficial products. The 'Rolex - Oyster - GMT Mater II' advertisement is plain and spacious, making an easy view. But the 'Jewels of Aphrodite' silver 'Triple ring' advertisement is cluttered uninviting to view. Also the 'Rolex - Oyster - GMT Mater II' advertisement uses a practical example of a consumer of the product who is approving the watch showing the reader that it is the genuine article and that they can see for themselves how superior the product really is. ...read more.

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