Analysing the language used by different news reports.

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Analysing the language used by different news reports

  On the 3rd of February 1998 on Alpe Cermis, northern Italy, an American marine EA-6B prowler jet cut through a cable car wire killing 20 people and left one person stranded in a second car for an hour. Three different newspapers give an account on the incident, The Mirror, The Times and Newsweek. The Mirrors account is more nationalistic and says what people want to hear about. The Times is a more factual account and tells both sides of the story, it isn’t bias. Newsweek’s account is a more prejudice and bias report, it is an American newspaper and briefly mentions how many deaths occurred.

  Each report gives a number of facts in it. Most of the facts in each report are the same, thought some reports or are more detailed and different facts are given depending on the style of the newspaper. All mention the 20 people that were killed, the 300 feet the cable car fell, where it happened and that an American prowler jet was the cause. The Mirror and the Times both give these facts in a similar way, but Newsweek makes the number of people and the height they fell seem small, and does not even mention the exact number of people, or the fact that they died until the very end of the first paragraph. They all go on to say that the prowler jet returned to it base in Aviano, 60 miles away

 The Times also says the date and time of the accident, that a second cable car was left ‘dangling’ and was carrying a resort technician who was later treated for shock, that the jet was on a routine training flight, and that the pentagon had launched an enquiry into the incident and expressed their deepest sympathy, although they offered no explanation to why the aircraft was flying at such low altitudes, it said the visibility was excellent, and that local residents complain of the low flying. The US forces had strict rules for flying 350 – 1500 metres and that the ski lift was marked clearly on all maps and charts.

 The Mirror includes other facts such as the date, that the passengers were killed instantly, that a second car was left hanging, and the pilot of the warplane was unaware he had come into contact with anything, that it was on a training flight, it says a metal hook weighing several tons that held the cable car went through the roof and that chiefs at the Aviano base expressed their deepest sympathy to the relatives of those involved.

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 Newsweek is differs the most from the other reports saying that it took 2 days for Italian police to extract and identify the bodies, that the flight plan had been cleared by Italian authorities, all pilots are well trained and understood their mission, that the jet was four miles off course and flying 3,300 ft below the designated altitude.

 The Times and the Mirror both gave similar facts, but Newsweek mentioned things that were completely different and seem to minimise the magnitude of the incident by including less facts about it, and saying little about the main facts in the ...

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