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compare contrast of sherman alexies movie and story

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Tristan Marshall January 29, 2007 Intro to literature Jung Compare Contrast of Story and Movie The story "This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona", by Sherman Alexie and the movie Smoke Signals are based on the same stories. But that doesn't make them totally the same, they have many differences. Some are obvious and some aren't. But in the end both the movie and the story have the same end result. The things that were the same about the movie and the story were they both had the same plot, which was a journey to find Victors dead father in Arizona. There settings were the same and the Indians in the reservation weren't doing to well. The reservation that Thomas and Victor lived at was poor and this gave out a kind of boring sad vibe in both the story and the movie. The main characters were also the same; they both had the same role in the story and the movie. ...read more.


And they both said they would throw the dads remaining ashes in the falls, but Thomas pictures the dad being a salmon while Victor pictures something else. Some of the differences between the movie and the story was the start, the movie started with a burning house and Victor's dad saving Thomas, while Thomas's parents died in the fire. In the middle of the story we find out Victors dad started the fire. This is all was added to the movie and really changed a lot of things compared to the story. The movie also has some scenes from when his dad was still living with him and his mom, while the book doesn't. The movie also shows why Victors dad left. It shows more of victor being mad at his dad then it does in the story. In the movie there is a weather man that's adds more comedy. Also in the beginning of their journey they run into these two girls that like to ride there car backwards, these girls end up giving them a ride to gas station, all this stuff isn't in the story. ...read more.


Also there conversation and there big fight in the movie that changes Victor isn't in the story. Also a lot of the stories about Thomas and Victor growing up are different, or not even in one or the other. For example the story about Thomas saving Victor from a wasps nest isn't in the movie. Also when they get in a fight the story says Victor was drunk and beat up Thomas for no reason; while the movie showed it being because Thomas egged him on right after his dad left. Also in the movie Victor's mom stops the fight instead of some warrior women. In the end both the story and the movie were very good. But the two were different then any other story and movie combination that I have ever seen because I actually liked the movie better then the story. The movie just had more details and more drama which I thought made it a lot better. But in the end both the story and the movie teach you the same thing and give you a different taste of there breed. Talke about he way ...read more.

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