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GCSE Media Coursework

Comparing Holiday Advertisements

General Introduction

We looked at various holiday brochures and noticed that the texts varied considerably depending on which age group they were aimed at.

We looked closely at an extract from “Club 18-30” and one from “Forever Young” advertising holidays on the Spanish island of Majorca.

The presentation and language used were different in each one and, therefore appealed to different audiences.

The “Club 18-30” brochure extract appeals to young people for a number of reasons. The picture for “Club 18-30” contains young people having a great time. One of the men in the picture is stripped down to his waist and the other man has his shirt undone. The woman who is also in the picture has a belly top on. These people are dressed like this because they are hot or don’t really care what they look like because they are “having a laugh”. They are smiling and showing a positive aspect to the clubbing holiday.

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The information given in the text is obviously aimed at young people. It refers to the attractions mentioned in the text emphasise the amount of bars and clubs in the area. It is all put there for enjoyment, such as go-karting, water parks and golden sandy beaches. A whole paragraph of the text is devoted to clubs and mentions some famous clubs such as “Pacha” and the “BCM”. All of the information is very basic because young people will be reading it and they don’t really care about sophisticated words.

 The style of writing is very informal, lots of ...

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