In this essay I aim to deconstruct two adverts intended to endorse two diverse charities.

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Year 10 Media Coursework

In this essay I aim to deconstruct two adverts intended to endorse two diverse charities. I will be comparing the adverts and at the same time commenting on comparisons linking the two, and any contrasting characteristics. A large amount of features will be examined including language and any images used, particularly their composition.  I will make an effort to regard the overall affect on the required audience and observe the potential placements of these two different types of media. I will also highlight any other important factors used like colour, framing and vectors. The two adverts I will be contrasting are the R.S.P.C.A and Sight Savers. These two are worldwide known charities. The Royal Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals are a group which campaign against cruelty to animals in contrast to Sight Savers which is a charity fighting against trachoma (an eye disease), this charity is appealing for help. This essay will go into detail about these two charities. At the end of this essay I will use a conclusion to evaluate the best advert of the two.

Each advert is giving out a message to the audience, in this case the two adverts are trying to raise money for the charity. The point of the Sight Savers advert is asking the audience to make a donation to help and treat those people suffering from trachoma. Equally the R.S.P.C.A advert is trying to raise money, however for animals not people; the appeal is for animals being cruelly treated.

 I would expect the Sight Savers advert to be witnessed in a broadsheet newspaper as it has a similar layout. This advert seems as if it’s aimed at adults due to the language used, for example “scarred and disfigured,” compared to the R.S.P.C.A advertisement which would be seen in a magazine as a result of the layout of the text. Also it would seem that the advert is aimed at adults by reason of the language used, for example “tiny shivering mite”.

Most adverts usually aim their media at a certain audience. The Sight Savers advertisement aims their advert at adults for the reason that they have the money to help the charity and they are generally more interested than children; this is stereotypical that adults know more about diseased etc. As with the R.S.P.C.A advert it too is intended for adults. This is because of the text used and that adults are usually more interested and have more money than children to help the cause.

Plenty of adverts nowadays use the technology available to enhance the quality of their ads. This is used in images to increase the impact of the picture on the audience. The Sight Savers advertisement uses the composition of still image to show a pair of eyes in black and white staring the viewer of the ad in the eye. The image has good shape and proportion. They have used the colour, texture and lighting to good effect, as the black and white eyes work well and really shock the audience. In the sides of the eyes is barbed wire. So this demonstrates to the reader that the person is going through pain. The impact of the picture on the reader is one of shock as the eyes hit them hard and instantly tell them that the person has a problem, as the eyes don’t look happy. Also the barbed wire expresses the person’s pain and the help required. Overall this clear-cut image sends out a crystal clear hard message. To turn to the R.S.P.C.A ad, it displays images of young puppies and kittens. The images are in black and white and show that the young animals have been badly treated, as there faces look sad. They look cute and they make the viewer feel sorry for them. These images are using the looks of the sad animals to send a message of help out to people willing to help their cause.

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Sight Savers have used an image, which has been digitally remastered, as it is more effective on the audience. They’ve used barbed wire as it sends out a mentally powerful message and makes the reader feel their pain, whereas, the R.S.P.C.A ad uses digitally animated images to make more of an influence on the audience. This advert also uses imagery in that the eyes of the animals give out a mood of grief and make the viewer feel powerless. This makes the viewer want to give a donation to help the animals.

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