OCR National ICT - Unit 1 - Task 2 - Internet Searches

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Task 2: Select and use tools and facilities to download files/information

Firstly I am going to use an internet search engine to find reviews and images of the latest singles and albums.

These are the results of my Google Search for ‘latest singles and albums reviews’

I found a link to a website which matched my search criteria. The website says it includes reviews on albums which is the information I am looking for.

This is the homepage of the website I have chosen ‘www.albumvote.co.uk’ I will use this website to find album reviews and locate images of the album.

In the search box I typed in an album I wanted the review on in this case it was ‘Hot Fuss’ an album by The Killers

These are the results of my search and the page I was looking for is the first result.


This is the page on albumvote.co.uk which has information about the album ‘Hot Fuss’ by The Killers.

This is my first review on ‘Hot Fuss’ by The Killers, the review and image are from .

‘To me this is a great new album, although the 1980's undertones are obvious, the killers have at last provided a rejuvenated form of 80's rock, with a certain extra humph lacking in much of both the 80's and latest rock bands. It excites me to see that at last the new wave of rock bands are coming into the industry, at last perhaps a little competition for the endless tedium brought from the bland uninspired songs brought to us by such characters as Peter Andre and busted...Anyway back to the album...it grew on me steadily each time I listened to it, catchy beats and tunes, with sometimes surreal lyrics...For me this is the best album this year and I enjoyed and am enjoying it immensely! It’s a must listen for the rock fans out their. 9/10By Howard Ramsgate

I will now use the same website and searching procedure to find another image and review of another album. The album will be ‘Myths of The Near Future’ by The Klaxons

This is the page on albumvote.co.uk which has information about the album ‘Myths of The Near Future’ by The Klaxons.

This is my album review on ‘Myths of the Near Future’ by The Klaxons, the review and image are from .

‘Startlingly melodic throughout with just enough of an edge to make it a truly memorable album, Klaxons' debut will transcend the five minute trend the indie press have invented for it. Refreshingly vibrant without pandering to clichés, it's a surprisingly uplifting experience with genuine musical depth and mercifully free of the marketing gimmicks some might've expected. 8/10’ By MG 

When I saved the pictures of the albums to my network user area I did the following.


I now saved the image in the following directory: U:\OCR National\Unit 1\Task 2\Evidence with drive (U:\) being my personal area on the network.

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