Situation Analysis - The NSPCC.

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NSPCC starting protecting children more than 100 years ago, their mission being “end cruelty to children”. The full stop action programmes emplaced to do this are:

  • The child in the family
  • The child in the school
  • The child in the community
  • Child protection  
  • The child in the society

With the efforts of organisations such as NSPCC, public awareness of child abuse is higher than it has ever been. This states was also attained by running a national public education campaign in the March 2002 called (Someone To Turn To) which was sponsord by Microsoft, using TV, billboards advertising and public information leaflets.


The Full Stop campaign programme took of ground in March 1999, costing initially 250 million led by his Royal Highness the Duke of York who has already put £114.6 million towards this target. The charity has been a campaigning organisation since its foundation in 1884. “lobbying for changes to legislation or policy can help hundreds of thousands of children, many more than could ever be reached directly through NSPCC’s projects. An example of the kind of work NSPCC have done outside of the Full Stop programme is as mentioned above the child in the family, where in the year 2000, 85% of new parents received a get ready during the mothers pregnancy packs and 2 publications through the joyful period. This was also established in areas where the majority is of people living there where of asian orient. The name given to this project is Hamsaath, this enabled NSPCC to break language and cultural barriers which other organisation have failed to do so by creating community work shop for parents to attend and discuss any areas of concern. Thus helping them identify signs of possible abuse that could be prevented.


The NSPCC’s Full Stop campaigns huge publicity has been attracted through their advertising and promotional efforts by using key figure heads such as football star Allen Shearer and the Spice Girls. NSPCC has been successful in creating strategic alliances with well established organisations namely BT, Alliance & Leicester, JP Morgan and Barclays Bank. All these investors hold an influence in the consumers mind and are able to sell the Full Stop concept at a greater advantage.

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Evidently the biggest set back to the Full Stop campaign has been the way in which the finances were distributed causing a great deal of controversy in the public eye. The money raised for the campaign was seen to be involved in publicity and creating awareness rather than the actual cause. This then led onto negative publicity having a knock on effect portraying NSPCC ‘new campaign to be self-promotion’ for example in 2001 just £36m of its annual £82m budget was spent on direct service to children, much of the rest went on publicity and campaign, thus making NSPCC’s ...

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