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The task I was given to do was to design and produce my own version of a front page newspaper and to make it as authentic as possible whilst using all my knowledge.

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Newspaper Evaluation The task I was given to do was to design and produce my own version of a front page newspaper and to make it as authentic as possible whilst using all my knowledge. Designing my own newspaper was very easy to-do. I used the normal conventions that I had learned from other popular newspapers was to make the headlines in large bold font with a colourful back ground font, A bold border around the main article to catch the readers eye, A simple yet eye catching logo. When I came to create my own newspaper I had to overcome a few obstacles such as being using the correct piece of software which would allow me to create my newspaper to the best of my ability whilst making it look professional. The software that I had decided to use was 'Microsoft Publisher' because it was easily available and fulfilled all the tools I need to help me create it. When creating the newspaper I had to consider what it was called, the design, the logo, Price, Give a ways and prizes, the stories, the headline and how to phrase it, and its content. ...read more.


if more important piece of news needed to be presented. Once I had done that I decided to add an advert on the bottom to do this I went onto google and typed in adverts in the images section and found a suitable stretched advert to go along the bottom. After I had done that I had decided to create the main article. In doing that I needed to decide what I would be on so I looked at current advents an included them the current advent that I included was that Tony Blair is leaving office soon so I made the main article on him finally leaving and Gordon brown entering. Firstly I created a headline so I decided to call it "Tony Gives up". The reason why I used that as a title was because it told the news in the first line and used slang to appeal to my target audience. Once I did that I collected to archive photos one of Tony Blair walking out of ten downing street and one of Gordon brown laughing I placed the below the headline and placed them side by side almost to imply that ' As Tony walked that Gordon Brown was laughing at him'. ...read more.


The sub article only consisted on three columns and at the end it stated to turn to page 6 for more information. The font size for the two articles where font size 16 which is consistent through out the rest of 'The Daily Telegram'. Adding the advert was rather interesting for me because I had to find an advert which could be stretched across the page which is more commonly used on many news papers. I finally found an archive advert in google images which I paced in, the reason why I chose it was because it was brightly coloured and was advertising a chat room which would apply towards teenagers and would attract interest for the working class people. If I had more time and better resources of programs I would have changed a few things with my newspaper such as I would have made it slightly larger than a4 so I could add more information on it. I would have also used different software such as visual effects editor which would have enabled me to create better images and logos for my front page, I would have also used more columns with better information and I would have researched more into journalistic writing techniques. Over all I am pleased with what I have produced and with the best of my abilities. ...read more.

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