What are the conventions in films that help to signify

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Film Studies macro essay                                                                25th November 2007

 Film audiences already have an idea of conventions in films that help to signify the genre of the film but we are only aware of straight genres. We are often less aware about sub genres and a hybrid genre. The fact that the audience already has an idea of the films generic conventions helps the audience with their expectations in a film, for instance, you wouldn’t expect to see horror conventions in a romantic comedy. The fact that the audience already has a rough idea of what is expected in the film through generic conventions which makes the film more pleasurable for the audience to view as their expectations of the film will be met. The fact that the audience has an idea of generic conventions helps the improvement on the financial success of the film as it meets more of the audience’s expectations. This essay will look at both the genre and narrative in the film “Final Destination” directed by James Wong in the year 2000.

 The film “Final Destination” as a straight genre film and its genre is horror. The audience is aware of this film being a horror film by the generic conventions used in the opening sequence which I will be looking at. I will be looking specifically at the first 10 minutes of the film including the films credits.

 From watching the credits we get the horror conventions that the audience can signify with the horror genre for example there is background music playing over the credits or the images that suggest death. From seeing this convention the audience can signify that this is a horror film just from the first few minutes of the credits. Now that we have established the horror conventions, the audience can create a basic story based on previous horror films that have used similar conventions.

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 As the audience is already aware of horror conventions they are able to establish a basic idea of what will happen in the story, most horror films follow Tzvetan Toderov’s narrative model of an equilibrium followed by a disruption ending in a new equilibrium. “Final Destination” follows this narrative model as in the beginning of the film we are faced with the equilibrium of Alex being suspicious of his plan journey, the disruption is the plan crash and the survivors deaths and it ends in a new equilibrium of have they beaten death at his own game. From the ...

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