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What is so special with Madonna? She has been succesfully famous for 20 years, some artist dont even last one year.

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Madonna What is so special with Madonna? She has been succesfully famous for 20 years, some artist don�t even last one year. It was august 16 th, 1958, in Detroit, Michigan when Madona Ciccone gave birth to a little girl, the girl was named Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone. She was the third of eight children in a large Italian family. Two older brothers, two younger brothers and three little sisters. Madonnas father, Sylivio Ciccone, wanted each child to learn how to play a musicalinstrument but Madonna was more interested in dancing so she was allowed to take ballet lessons. When Madonna had reach the age og six her mother died in breastcancer and as the oldest daughter, Madonna is given some responsibility for the household ande her younger sisters. Her father later remarries the former housekeeper. But Madonna could never love her like she loved her mother. Madonna and her family moved to Rochester, Michigan where she graduates from Rochester Adams high school in 1976. In high school Madonna was a cheerleader and straight- A student. There she fel in love with dancing and sometimes she could spend up to five hours a day taking dance classes and working out. With a scholarship she goes to the university of Michigan, where she studies dance for three semesters. Madonna decides that dancing would be her way to the stars and her way out of Rochester. In 1978, Madonna moves to New York City with only one suitcase and thirty dollars in her pocket. She started working as a donut salesgirl at Dunkin Donuts and waitress on the side. ...read more.


The next shock was to come in June 1989 when the second single from Like A Prayer, Express Yourself, was released. Sweaty workers and Madonna whos in charge of them and her own sexuality. Further to this Madonna introduced her famous croth grab, inspired by Michael Jackson. The year 1990 started calmand Madonnas next project was a world tour, the biggest at that time and she called it, Blond Ambition.This tour shows Madonnas real talent as a performer and a singer. She took the audience on a journey which was provoking, sensual and higly entertaining.Blond Ambition was sold out everywhere in the world. Madonna allso allowed a film team to film her on stage and backstage, which ended as "Truth or Dare", released in cinemas in 1991. But first Madonna had to fightwith the Toronto�s police for not getting arrested on stage and had to cancel a few shows in Italy because the pope had called for a boycott, everything to see in Truth or Dare. In November 1990 Madonna released her first ever Greateast Hits called "The Immaculate Collektion" The album which was dedicated to the pope allso included two new songs, "Justify my love" and " Rescue Me". Right after the release of the collection Madonna presented the video for the single "Justify my love". The video was full of s****l fantasies, different people doing it togheter and what really heated up the controversy was Madonna kissing another woman. Because of the s****l and lesbian thing the video was banned from MTV and even European TV stations did�nt show the video before midnight. ...read more.


"The next best thing" is a big flop and Madonna is the one who is beeing blamed by critics. Madonna remains in England to finish her album when the big b**b blows up in march, Madonna is three moths pregnant by her boy friend Guy Ritchi. Her new album is called "Music" and the video for the song "music" had allreadybeen shot in early 2000, the director, Jonas Akerlund , who did the success video "Ray of Light" allso did this video. The video premiers worldwide on the first of august and gives a first clue on how Madonnas new album will sound like. On august 11 Madonna gave birth to a boy named Rocco Ritchi, it was allmost three weeks prior to the expected birthdate. While Madonna and her new baby are recovering, her single "Music" is climbing up the charts. The "Music" album get released worlwide on september 19. Madonna gives a big album launch party in Los Angeles with 600 guests, which was her first appearance ince the birth of Rocco. Not a month later, the "Music" album is number 1 in more than 40 countries, including the United Kingdom and even the USA, her first number 1 album since Like a Prayer in 1989. I think that the main reason why Madonna still are in the bussiness is because her intelligence, she�s a smart business woman and she knowes exactly what she is doing. It was fun to do this work about Madonna, she�s some of a legend in music bussiness. The hard part was to get all the importent facts about her into one work, that was not easy and if it was up to me this work would be around 15 - 20 pages. ...read more.

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