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criminal profiling

Free essay example:

Geographical profiling is where officers find bodies or crimes in a certain area, by this the area that the body is found is investigated to try and narrow down to find where the perpetrator lives. There are two types of geographical profiling theories which are “circle theory” and “corridor theory”. Circle theory is when plotting a sequence of crime on a street map area. Two crimes are further away from each end of the diameter of the circle. When the circle are plotted on to the map, the areas within the circle is a 78% chance of were the perpetrator lives.

Corridor theory is when there is a familiar similarity between crimes as these links usually with a motorway or a road or a railway as these routes are common for transport. By this the investigator would find the nearest link going through the crimes. Then the patterns of offences of the perpetrator are plotted onto the map these are more likely to be times, dates, stations and services. By these assumptions can be made of where the perpetrator lives or works. Assumptions are when the first crime had taken place of the perpetrator committed as the perpetrator might live with these areas.

Criminal profiling is when the information gained from the victims is valuable as they might know who is perpetrator, as this shows a link between them. The victim could give a detail of how the perpetrator looks like in away it helps the investigators to find a similar person who looks like the perpetrator or is the perpetrator comparing what the description of the victim given, as this would shorten their search down. Many links can show between crimes as leading a crime leads to modus operandi. This shows the way of how the perpetrator murdered the victim. Such examples are man slaughtered, poisoned, strangled or killed them in a slow or fast way. These methods of killing shows the personality of the perpetrator is like.  For an instant if the victim was killed in a slow way it shows that the perpetrator is a viscous person as the perpetrator had something against the victim, as the perpetrator wants them to suffer and feel the pain. Or the perpetrator killed the victim in a fast way, this shows the perpetrator is not a viscous person as the perpetrator wants to get it done and over with. Location of the crime scene would benefit the investigators as this would narrow down their search of finding the perpetrator. If the murder been taken place in a pub, club, indoors, outdoors of been killed in a secluded area. From these areas there might be witnesses who might know, herd or saw the perpetrator in these areas, as this could help the investigators finding the perpetrator.

The condition of the body also implies on criminal profiling of how the perpetrator was killed. Weapons might be used to kill the victim as investigators would find if the perpetrator was left or right handed and the position of the body as it been put in a pose or a certain position e.g. arms are crossed on the chest. By this can be referred to other crime scenes to see the pose of the body was same as this could possibly identify the perpetrator.  Signatures are left behind in a crime scene as the perpetrator leaves something behind like a rose to show that it was them who killed the victim as they leave clues behind for the investigators to upon and find same signatures in other crime scenes such as a rose as this would narrow down there search of the perpetrator. The perpetrator may remove a item from the victim that they murdered as they keep that item as a trophy, as they can remember what they done to the victim and be proud of why they killed them. Items are removed of the body are fingers, wedding rings, ears, eye balls or necklace. This would also give clues to the investigators and look at other crime scenes to see if any items what removed from the dead body and if they find the same item removed from the bodies such as the left ear, it could possibly be both murders were linked to the same perpetrator as this also narrow down the search and the time of the perpetrator.


Victim 1

Victim 2

Victim 3

Victim 4











Location area

Riversway docklands area, Preston

Winckley square, Preston

Ashton park, Ashton

Railway tracks, Ashton

Which way the body been hidden or made obvious to be seen


Covered over with a sheet of plastic

Clearly visible from the path

Out in the open

Date and month and time found of body

08/01 01.45am

17/01 07.30am

22/01 06.30am

29/01 08.00am

Time last seen

11.30 pm

12 am





Bar person

Shop assistant

Estate agent

Location of dead body

Bushes in a car park

In the park area, in the bushes  

In the park under some bushes

Lying beside railway tracks

Cause of death  


Beaten and strangled



Weapon found  

Pair of tights


Pair tights

Pair of tights + heavy object

Item on body





If item was missing

One of earrings




If the body was concealed?

No attempt had been made to conceal it

No attempt had been made to conceal it

Body laid out in a particular way

Arms crossed over chest


Arms crossed over chest

Arms crossed over chest

Forensic evidence recovered from the scene

Skin underneath her finger nails , did not match any victims or on police data

Fingerprint found, no current match on police data base

No forensic evidence  

No forensic evidence

Evidence of struggle

Bruises on wrist

Violent struggle

Grazes on arms and legs

Bruise on her head

There is a similarity between all four victims as they all were female as they were not in their teenage years but in their adult ages. The location areas of each victim was murdered are different areas of the city but victim 1 and 2 were in the same city of Preston. This also applies to victim 3 and 4 as they were murdered in the same city but different areas of the city of Ashton.  All four bodies were discovered on the same month but on different dates of the month on January, as these bodies were found during the morning hours and last seen in the late night hours between 10-12 pm. The cause of death was very similar to each victim as they were all strangled but for victim 2 she was beaten as well. Weapons were found at the crime scene or victim 1,3,4 as the weapon used were “tights” in this case this weapon was used to strangle the victim to death , however victim 4 had a bruise on her head which suggest a heavy object was thrown on her head. There was no evidence found of weapon at the crime scene of victim 2 as bare hand was used to straggle and beat her to death. The location of the dead bodies was very similar to victim 1, 2 and 3 as they were found in bushes as victim 2 and 3 were found in the park and victim 1 was found in the car park. Victim 4 was found at the railway tracks. All four victims were murdered in isolated areas at night as not often people go to these areas at midnight. Victim 2 bodies was covered in a plastic as in away the body was hidden as nobody can see it, as compared to victim 1, 3, 4 their bodies were visible to be seen. There was no item on victim 2 which suggest there was nothing valuable taken off from her as this was compared to victim 1, 3 and 4 these victims had items on them selves which was very valuable to them as they have been removed from them. The items that have been removed from each victim are different to each other but value a lot to them as the perpetrator have removed these to keep as a trophy.  The position of the body of victim 1, 3 and 4 has been lied out in the same way as they arm have been crossed over which suggests these victim might link together with the same perpetrator. All victims had evidence of struggle but the evidence found were at different places of the body.

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