Discuss two or more social psychological theories of aggression

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Discuss two or more social psychological theories if aggression

Social Learning Theory was proposed by Bandura and it suggest that children learn specifics of aggressive behaviour by observing others. The children learn about the consequences of the aggressive behaviour that they observe by vicarious reinforcement, from this the child develops an internal model of what conduct is considered appropriate and what is not. Bandura also claimed that for social learning to take place, the child must form mental representations of event in their social environment and develop expectations of rewards and punishments for certain outcomes.

Bandura’s Bobo doll study supports how SLT can explain aggression. They showed children a video of a women being aggressive towards a Bobo doll. When children were placed in a room with the doll the children imitated the behaviour from the video showing that children had learnt the aggressive behaviour observed by adults. However, only those who saw aggressive behaviour being rewarded then repeated the behaviour which suggests that reinforcement and positive mental representations are necessary for an observed behaviour to be re-enacted.

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Despite showing clear evidence for SLT, there were many methodological issues with Bandura’s research which in turn reduce the internal validity of findings. One main issue is the experiment was conducted in a lab environment. Therefore, behaviour may not be the same as it would in a natural setting thus is subjective to ecological validity reducing mundane realism which means it’s difficult to generalise the findings outside the lab setting.

However, it has been replicated to real life settings. Philips found homicide rates increase during the week following a major boxing match, suggesting that viewers are influenced by the ...

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