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The Cosmological Argument Essay

The Cosmological Argument is an argument supporting the existence of God which claims that all animate beings are contingent, meaning they depend on something else for their existence. The argument also states that the entire cosmos therefore must depend on a being that exists independently. The Cosmological argument is a posteriori argument. This means the argument is derived by reasoning from previously observed facts and the opposite of a priori argument which is derived by the use of logic. The Cosmological argument simply breaks down into three claims: that the cosmos/universe exits, that the existence of the cosmos has a cause, and that the cause is God.
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St Thomas Aquinas (1224 – 1274) was a Catholic Priest and one of the most important medieval philosophers and author of many books – his most famous being the Summa Theologica. In his Summa Theologica Aquinas explained five proofs for the existence of God, the first three of which include; Motion, Cause and Contingency.

The first way is the argument from Motion. After studying the work from Greek philosopher Aristotle, Aquinas concluded that an object that is in motion (moves) is put in motion by another object or force. Ultimately, Aquinas believes that there must have ...

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