Explain Plato's concept of the soul and its relationship to the body.

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Charlie Matthews 12CAS 28/04/2007

Explain Plato’s concept of the soul and its relationship to the body.

A commonly studied topic in Philosophy is the study of the relationship between the internal and external body; that is to say, the distinction between the body and the soul. There are three basic ‘Theories of the Self.’ ‘Self=internal,’ ‘self=unity of internal and external,’ and ‘self as a material body.’ The first Theory of Self (‘self = internal’) is known as the dualist approach, the second (‘self = unity of internal and external’) is known as a psychosomatic or monist approach.

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Plato was a dualist. That is to say he believed that every human being is made up of two substances: The physical body that belongs to the material world. It is through this body that we are able to experience and sense things, and thus form opinions. And the mind, which is a far superior thing that belongs to the ‘World of the Forms,’ it is through the mind that we can achieve true knowledge, rather than from the basic opinions that our physical bodies produce.

These two components belong to two different worlds: The World of Appearances ...

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