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Biology Report (CW)

The Problem –

High Blood Pressure has always been the cause of Stokes and CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) leading to a Heart Attack or even CVD (Cardio Vascular Disease). It indeed is the biggest killer in this developed world. High blood pressure directly implicates on the blood vessels, the veins and the arteries. When blood pressure increases, it constantly damages the arteries, whereas arteries already have narrow lumens. When the artery wall gets damaged, by the high blood pressure putting an extra strain on the layer of cells (Endothelium), there are white blood cells moving to the damaged area, and they accumulate cholesterol from the blood. This cholesterol builds a deposit, known as atheroma. This is an inflammatory response. There also are calcium salts and fibrous tissue building up at the site, resulting in a hard swelling called a plaque on the inner wall of the artery. This hardens the artery. Those plaques case the artery to become narrower, which makes it more difficult for the heart to pump blood around the body, in other words, there is a rise in blood pressure plus there now is a positive feedback building up as the process continues. A Blood Clot may also form there and even block the artery completely, minimising the blood supply, containing oxygen, to the heart which can lead to a heart attack and major CHD(s). {Results show that over 7 million people had EARLY DEATH in the year 2001; where as high blood pressure was also responsible for over 54% of strokes and 47% of CHD. []}

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Possible Solutions/Methods –

Anti-Hypertensive drugs are possible solutions to lowering blood pressure. Calcium Channel blockers are good examples of an antihypertensive drug.  These drugs block the calcium channels in the muscle cells in the lining of arteries; hence for the muscles to contract, calcium must pass through these channels into the muscle cells. So if these drugs block the calcium channel, the muscle would not be able to contract which would prevent the blood vessels to constrict and hence lowering the blood pressure. These drugs have been tested viably before so this is prescribed to most high blood ...

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Punctuation, grammar and spelling all to a good level. Tone of the piece is adequate. Format needs some work to split the chunks of writing into more manageable sections.

The candidate introduces and explains how high blood pressure contributes to CHD and strokes well. They also include a diagram which aids their explanation. To improve the structure of the essay the first section should be split into paragraphs by topic to make it easier to read. Their sources are not always the most credible and they should strive to evaluate better any information they have included. They evaluate the effects of the drugs that they show the action of in good depth and evaluate valid scientific articles. They also consider ethical, social and economical issues with the drug well. They evaluate alternatives to drugs well.

The candidate answers the questions very well. They cover a range of topics from the effect of high blood pressure to the type of drugs used, their effectiveness and some of the alternatives that exist.