Energy Presentation Notes

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Energy Presentation Notes                        Name: ____

The big picture:

  1. Energy is defined as: ____ability to do work_____________
  2. Most energy resources on Earth originally derived their energy from the ___sun__.

For each of the following identify their connection to the sun’s energy.

  1. Fossil fuels __photosynthesis fueled plant growth which then decayed______
  2. Wind ___sun heats the atmosphere causing convection currents____________
  3. Hydroelectric/tidal _____________________________________________

  1. Ideal fuel sources are high in Potential energy. Potential energy is _stored_ energy. Identified where the potential energy is stored in each of the following fuel sources.
  1. Fossil fuels (oil/coal/methane) ___chemical bonds of molecules_______
  2. Nuclear _____binding energy in nucleus & mass → energy conversion_______
  3. Hydroelectric _____height differential and gravity_____________

  1. Kinetic energy is energy of __movement__ and can be used to do work.

  1. To compare fuel sources it is important to evaluate costs, availability, efficiency and environmental impacts.

Fossil Fuels:

  1. The three major fossil fuels used in energy production are: _coal, petroleum & methane_

  1. Which one is formed primarily from aerobic decomposition of plants underground fossilized over millions of years? _coal_

  1. Which one is formed primarily from anaerobic decomposition of marine plants and animals under pressure over millions of years? _petroleum_

  1. Which is found as a result of the decomposition of the other two and usually found in the same deposits? __methane__

  1. The heats of combustion for three fossil fuels are: Coal ΔH = - 395kJ/mole, CH4 = -890 kJ/mole and C8H18 ΔH = -5512kJ/mole.
  1. Which is the most energy efficient? __octane__
  2. Which is the cleanest burning? ___methane_____

  1. When burning fossil fuels to produce electricity, identify for each of the following the function of the part and the energy conversion that takes place:
  1. Boiler _combustion chamber heats water_        _chem. → heat_
  2. Water _absorb heat and drive turbine__                incr in KE
  3. Turbine _water turns rotor__        __mechanical to mech__
  4. Generator _rotor turns wire coil in magnetic field___        _mech → electrical_

  1. Complete the following chart to summarize the characteristics of the various fossil fuels.

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Nuclear Energy:

  1. A nuclear reaction is different from a chemical reaction because it involves changes in the _nucleus__ rather than interactions of _electrons__ in an atom.

  1. The nuclei of atoms are held together by very _strong__ binding forces.

  1. The type of nuclear reaction used in commercial energy production is _fission___ which involves the splitting of a _large__ nuclei into two __smaller__ nuclei releasing large amounts of __energy____.

  1. The energy produced in nuclear reactions is due to mass defects resulting in small amounts of mass converting ...

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